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When Should I Take My Car To An Auto Mechanic?

One of the hardest things to determine is when your car, truck, pick-up truck, commercial vehicle or RV, needs to have a certified mechanic review your car’s performance or just let sleeping dogs lie as they say. The car seems to be running a little rough, but it starts and the brakes work pretty well, hasn’t stranded me yet on the side of the road. There are many wholesale signs the vehicle you are driving is in need of some serious maintenance but sometimes an owner may think the old car is just in need of a rest. What are some of the signs your car displays that say it needs a professional automotive garage to put it up on the lift, hook it up to one of their diagnostic computers and have a professional test drive the vehicle, to see if anything stands out? It’s hard to know what systems are working correctly and what systems may be in dire need of review and repair.

Having a proactive nature could save you thousands of dollars down the road but maybe it will run a lot longer, so why go through the hassle. Sometimes it’s hard to determine what is amiss and what is just the sign of a tired old engine or other mechanical systems hard at work. Most people can tell when something is not right because the vehicle kind of tells you so. Like the air conditioner is not blowing cold air like it used to. Or the brakes don’t stop the car as well as they did when they were new. When you are driving does the front-end shimmy or does the steering wheel shake at certain speeds? Maybe there is a weird vibration coming from the car when you make a sharp turn or does the steering make a loud noise if you turn the wheel all the way over? What about what you hear when starting the car up in the morning when the engine is cold. Are their loud screeching noises like an old sewing machine is actually under the hood? Any clunking noises coming from the engine area? What about clicking sounds when you engage the starter? How about a “Chicka Chicka” noise or squeaking or squealing from the engine bay itself?  These are all pretty unique sounds and maybe the car didn’t always sound like this but has just started too. Do you smell anything weird or funny like a burnt oil smell or is the car using a lot of oil between changes? When was the last time you changed the oil and filter? Do you smell gas when you are driving down the road or anything that might have a burnt smell to it? And last, but certainly not least. Any unusual sparks coming from anywhere on the vehicle, any flickering below the car you have seen? Are there the toll tale signs of fluid collecting on the road or driveway, maybe blueish or greenish, what about any excess oil below the car? All of these symptoms could be signs, your vehicle is in need of a much overdue service. Hopefully what you suspect is a major problem is really only a minor repair now, but if left untreated could turn out to be expensive down the road if you make it that far.

Why Take your Vehicle to Muffler City Auto Repair?

Taking your foreign or domestic, car, truck, pick-up truck, sports car, commercial vehicle or RV to Muffler City Auto Repair might just be the smartest thing you have done in a long time. Why, because we are so much more than just a muffler repair, design, and installation shop, we are a full-service automotive garage with thousands of satisfied customers doing the same thing over and over again, repairing what needs to be fixed and servicing what needs to be serviced. ASE Certified Master Mechanics with over 60 years of shared automotive experience. We repair every type of vehicle and automotive system from transmissions, engine replacements, brakes, auto air conditioning, coolant, ignition systems, to preventative maintenance of oil service, fluid flushes, replacement, and repairs. Located at 4435 Sunbeam Rd adjacent to the US Post Office between Philips Hwy and San Jose Blvd. Give us a call at 904-739-0091 for an appointment today and we will review what you need done, to extend the life of your car and get it running right.

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