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What Makes a Muffler and Custom Exhaust Shop Great?

If you were interested in a finding a top-rated custom muffler and exhaust shop, what would you be looking for? Reasonable pricing consistent with other exhaust shops in the area? A gallery of examples you could choose using different applications. Finding a custom exhaust mechanic with years of custom work experience? What about availability and convenience of shopping and location? Did you know that true custom exhaust mechanic’s gifts to their trade is more than pipe bending and adding chrome exhaust extensions? True custom exhaust artisans are very rare these days because of the specialization of their craft and the limited demand for their services on a day to day basis. These craftsmen have to have years of experience fabricating and designing exhaust systems that are functional, enhance performance and add to the value and the aesthetics of a vehicle. That is not a service that can easily be rendered or duplicated by just anyone. Almost all after-market custom exhausts are designed with a purpose, over and above adding beauty to a vehicle. Their function is to increase performance, extend engine life and reduce what we in the industry call engine wear and tear. To the average novice, proper muffling and exhausts, actually do much more than reduce the amount of pollutants discharged into the air. Their primary function does not only properly exhaust the gas and fumes created by combustion engines, but actually create the proper amount of “backflow” or back pressure exerted upon the engine through the manifold. This “back pressure” if properly distributed, aids the engine in creating its power output, for optimum engine performance. That is why it takes a skilled exhaust practitioner to design and fabricate the correct and appropriate system for your car or truck, or optimum efficiency will not be achieved. So, as you can see, there is a lot more that goes into designing the correct custom exhaust system for your specific car or engine, then just providing good looks and a muffled or throaty sound. Custom muffler and exhaust mechanics, that know their craft, can also repair and replace old, worn-out systems with modern, more up to date products and in some cases completely elevate and expand an engine’s capacity, far beyond the factory standard.  Muffler City Auto Repair is one such facility whose roots began in designing, fabricating and installing custom exhaust systems for any type of vehicle. Ron Evans and his chief mechanic, Scott Brown oversee a group of uniquely talented ASE Certified Mechanics. They also employ a 25-year, custom exhaust technician JR, whose sole purpose is to offer custom repair, design and fabrication work on mufflers and exhaust systems. Certified in all types of welding from MIG, TIG to Plasma ARC, JR has seen just about every type of custom exhaust request for customers as far away as Georgia to South Florida.

There is Only One Great, Custom Exhaust and Muffler Shop in North Florida

If you have been looking for the perfect muffler or custom exhaust shop in the North Florida area, look no further. Muffler City Auto Repair is a one-stop-shop for all things mechanical. A full-service automotive repair and preventative maintenance facility that still offers custom exhaust design and fabrication from their location at 4435 Sunbeam Road in Jacksonville Florida. We have been recognized as the top, custom exhaust shop for over 20 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers from Daytona to Savannah Georgia. Give us a call for a free consultation at 904-739-0091 and we will be glad to answer any of your questions concerning your vehicle. We take all major credit cards and most of our work is performed within one days’ time. Experience the difference and get to know what our customers have already experienced. Honest, reliable and professional work performed by one-of-a-kind craftsmen. Visit our website at for a complete list of our services and specials.


  1. Jesse Ford on January 7, 2020 at 9:18 pm

    Thanks for mentioning that exhaust artisans are rare to come by due to the specialization of their craft. My brother is thinking about taking his car into a muffler repair shop because his exhaust is starting to make funny noises when he decelerates on the highway. I think it’s a good investment to take his vehicle to a reputable professional that can help him fix his car so that it can keep running well.

    • Tammy Evans on February 6, 2020 at 4:55 pm

      I like your use of the description-artisan. I agree with you, finding an exhaust expert who is a reputable professional is valuable. Thanks for stopping by!

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