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Even though it doesn’t feel like the seasons are changing, with all the excessive heat we experienced in September, cooler temperatures are on the way. Now is a good time to have your service garage or automotive repair shop perform that last service check on systems effected by the summer heat wave; oil check, transmission fluid, belts, coolant levels and auto air conditioning output. Florida summers take their toll on anything mechanical that has been operating during the long summer months. Preventative auto maintenance is always a good service to perform unfortunately most of us only look at our cars mileage to change the oil when needed and leave all the other systems to maintenance/repairs when things go wrong.

Most auto repair facilities only service what they find wrong but at Muffler City Auto Repair we take the worry out of not performing routine inspections. Every car, truck and SUV that leaves our shop does so with a free, multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is not going to run out of coolant, that the battery terminals have not filled up with corrosion or the belts are not worn and need replacing. Our customers come to trust that after receiving service at our shop they will not break down on the side of the road because of something that could have been prevented by a trained and experienced eye looking the car over. How many times does a worn or leaky part caused a much larger issue that could have been prevented if only someone was looking out for the vehicles well-being.

What Does A Top Auto Repair Shop Look Like?

With so many after-market/after-warrantee auto repair facilities to choose from, its easy to understand why the choice maybe difficult. Most consumers make one major mistake when it comes to choosing a garage to service their vehicles. The majority of car owners choose an auto shop based on where they live not on who can provide the best service. Don’t get us wrong, location to where you live can be important but you probably don’t choose your doctor based on close proximity to your house so why choose your mechanic. Like any technically skilled person(s), that decision should probably be based on training, experience, certifications, reputation, referrals and word-of-mouth recognition. When making the right choice for who services and repairs your car, a good barometer is the website the company employs to display their services. Secondly, reviews by customers who have had experience dealing with the repair facility should come into play. Third, does the garage or auto repair shop specialize in any one thing like quick oil changes or cheap inexpensive brake jobs. These kind of “big box stores” employ cheap labor and inexperienced workers. And forth, probably the most important factor, is the level of expertise the mechanics have should play a tremendous part on who you choose for your automotive needs.

Why Choose Muffler City Auto Repair?

Muffler City Auto Repair was established in 1994 as a custom muffler and exhaust shop. Today, 23 years later Muffler City Auto Repair still provides custom exhaust system design and fabrication for any type of automotive application. Because our name Muffler City became synonymous with excellent work, as we expanded our services to include general automotive repair we decided to expand our name to Muffler City Auto Repair. ASE certified mechanics, holding over 350 factory automotive certificates provide automotive repairs on all foreign and domestic car manufacturers. We specialize in all aspects of automotive repair from front-end alignments, transmissions and engine rebuilds to preventative and general automotive repair. Give Ron Evans owner/operator a call at 904-739-0091 and see why 1000’s of satisfied customers have all their automotive needs serviced at Muffler City Auto Repair. Or visit us on the web at and make an appointment today to get your vehicle returned to peak performance.

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