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Has your car, truck, pick-up truck, RV or light commercial truck been in a recent road accident or sustained damaged due to a storm event: fallen tree, water intrusion or some other mishap. Most damaged vehicles that are repairable on the outside need some kind of engine repair on the inside, under the hood and possibly under the car. Automotive body shops are mainly body repair specialists, straightening frames, repairing dents and doing general collision work, but not always certified and specialized at repairing damage to engines, radiators, coolant systems, manifolds, exhaust work, rear-end etc. Muffler City Auto Repair specializes in general automotive repairs to vehicles damaged due to a collision or involved in an insurance claim. We deal with a number of auto body repair facilities who know the caliber of work our ASE certified mechanics provide and refer us their clients in need of automotive repairs. Once the vehicle has been cleared by the insurance company for body and frame damage from an accident, the final repairs necessary to return the vehicle to pre-accident condition is left up to an automotive garage. Don’t just let anyone repair your car after being returned from the body shop. Muffler City Auto Repair specializes in factory authorized replacement parts to make your car as good as new on all damaged parts sustained in the accident. We provide a complete diagnostic review of your vehicle to include everything in the insurance claim that needs repairing. Many time accident vehicles are identified as having only certain parts damage and in need of repairing. But that does not always include everything that might have been damaged. Automotive repair facilities are commonplace enough, in fact there might be one just around the corner from you. But finding ASE Certified, expert mechanics holding over 350 factory repair certificates on everything ranging from coolant systems, auto air conditioning systems, engine diagnostics and rebuilds, engine changeouts, electrical systems, ignition, steering, drive train, exhaust, suspension, brakes, actually every working system on a vehicle, aren’t. We have over 70 years of combined experience repairing foreign and domestic vehicles.

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Are you an automotive owner who hasn’t found the right full-service garage to perform all of the preventative maintenance tasks and general repairs necessary to keep your car, truck, pick-up truck, commercial truck or RV in top notch shape. Is your vehicle currently being serviced by many different types of automotive, so-called “specialty shops” that are franchised locations employing minimum wage, unskilled workers performing brake jobs, doing oil changes, replacing worn out mufflers and so on. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find one automotive garage that specializes in all of these types of services, housed under one roof, employing only professionally trained and experienced mechanics you could trust? Additionally, an automotive repair facility that is both locally owned and managed, with the most experience mechanics and technicians available, in a drug-free environment. ASE certified mechanics doing the work and a customer service pledge of a 100% SATISFACTION GAURANTEE. Look no further… Muffler City Auto Repair is much, much more that a custom exhaust specialist. We provide high-quality general automotive services to customers in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. Our team of professionals have the expertise to repair and service your vehicle efficiently and effectively, at a price you can afford. Every time one of our existing customers visits our shop they know their vehicle is getting a thorough inspection and the routine maintenance services we preform make sure they avoid expensive repairs down the road. Give Ron Evans, owner/operator or Scott Brown, Muffler City’s chief mechanic a call at 904-739-0091 and schedule a visit to our shop conveniently located at 4435 Sunbeam Road, between Philips Hwy and San Jose Blvd. Visit our website @ for a complete list of our monthly automotive specials and services. Muffler City Auto Repair, your one-stop-automotive-shop.

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