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Springtime Cleanup Can Also Include your Vehicle

Springtime in Florida, what a pleasant time to clean out that old garage, throwaway all those unwanted articles or get your property ready for a hot and humid summer. Springtime in Florida can also mean getting to the vehicle repairs you’ve been putting off for most of the winter months. And what a good time it is to have a qualified mechanic inspect your car, truck, pick-up truck, RV or light commercial truck for those needed servicing and repairs. Auto Air Conditioning on the blink and unused for most of the last 4 months, better get it serviced before you need it. Not sure if your coolant system, radiator, hoses and valves will hold up under another griddling hot summer day, better have it checked. How about your transmission fluid, rear end fluid or timing belts? Almost everyone forgets about certain engine and system fluids on everything from brakes to transmissions unless something goes wrong to remind them. Even suspensions, ball joints, struts need lubrication from time to time. All of these performance and maintenance servicing will extend the life of your vehicle and come to service your cars durability through the tough summer months ahead. But finding the right service garage with qualified mechanics to inspect, diagnose and repair is not always easy. Dealerships are an option but most dealerships charge a premium price for doing even the simplest of repairs. Need a new battery and are heading to your manufacturers dealership, watch out they are going to charge you just to test if you have a dead battery and then charge you again for the battery and to install it. WoW! Dealership are notorious for making a living off cars under warrantee and selling new and used cars, but if the general public have had a good experience getting their cars serviced and repaired at a dealership after the warrantee had expired there would not be as many automotive repair facilities in business.

Muffler City Auto Repair’s Springtime Specials!

What are some of the Automotive Springtime Specials you should be looking for at your favorite automotive repair facility. Let’s start by saying if your favorite service center is a quick-lube or quick-oil change store, beware. Anytime you have unqualified, minimum wage, part-time help under your hood or even worse working under your car be careful. You could end up spending more money having that dealership you left after the warrantee expired, fix what others have made wrong or done damage to. Isn’t it time you found a full-service garage facility with competent employees who have the training, knowledge and experience to do whatever needs to be done on your vehicle, right the first time. Muffler City Auto Repair is an ASE Certified mechanics shop with dealership experience but without the hassle and costs that a dealership demands. Ron Evans owner/operator started his auto shop as a custom muffler and exhaust shop almost 20 years ago. As his reputation for honest, and excellent work grew, he expanded his automotive services to include anything mechanical to a car, truck, RV or commercial vehicle, foreign and domestic. Ron and Chief Mechanic Scott Brown have over 50 years of automotive experience between them. They have year-round specials offered at significant savings but their “Springtime Automotive Specials” are just what’s needed this time of the year. Let’s start with one of the most important services every car can benefit from before the weather gets too hot.

Coolant System Flush 

$119.95 Special Most Vehicles

Flushing your vehicles entire cooling system to remove rust, scale and sludge and replacing the old coolant with the factory recommended coolant. We also add a coolant conditioner to the fluid to extend the life of your coolant system.

AC Tune-up

$99.00 Special Most Vehicles

Expert Auto Air Conditioning mechanics check AC system for leaks by using a trace dye. We then perform an Evac and recharge the AC system with up to 2 lbs. of Freon

Brake System Flush

$89.95 Special Most Vehicles

Our expert Brake Mechanics complete a full inspection of your brakes, front and back for wear to pads, rotors and drums. Replace old brake fluid with manufacturers recommended brake fluid and road test car for brake check.

Muffler City Auto Repair is your one-stop-shop for all things mechanical for all foreign and domestic vehicles. We specialize in Custom Exhaust Systems and Mufflers, Brake Repair, Engine Diagnosis Troubles, Auto Air Conditioning, Radiator and Coolant System Repair, Transmissions and everything in between. Give Ron Evans or Scott Brown a call at 904 730-0091 for an appointment or stop by our shop at 4435 Sunbeam road close to Philips Hwy (US1) and San Jose Blvd. Visit our website for a complete list of our services and credentials at

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