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Springtime Auto Tune-Ups

This is a good time of the year to get started taking care of all those unfinished projects you never quite got around to over the winter months. Automobiles are especially vulnerable if left unattended on routine preventative maintenance measures to ensure your vehicle is ready for the hot summer months just around the corner. And what better way of getting your car’s automotive systems checked is to give Muffler City Auto Repair a call at 739-0091 and take advantage of our springtime service specials. You see, we not only reward our existing customers with service specials but we attract many new customers and offer them the same expert service performed by ASE Certified Mechanics on all cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, pick-up trucks and RV’s both foreign and domestic. Muffler City Auto Repair understands that after the factory warranty has expired most vehicle owners look to independent garages to take care of their vehicles needs. We take that responsibility very seriously by offering experienced diagnostic testing and affordable, honest pricing something most dealerships can’t offer. Ron Evans, owner/operator, and his chief mechanic, Scott Brown set the standard for automotive excellence and it is demonstrated every day at our location at 4435 Sunbeam Rd right here in Jacksonville Florida. We can review your cars current condition on everything from coolant systems, brakes, rotors, wheel bearings, auto air conditioning, fuel and air induction, engine, transmission systems, suspensions and everything in between. Please see our Springtime Specials below and if after a thorough review of your vehicle’s systems, one of these maintenance services is warranted, we will be glad to pass along the savings to you. Muffler City Auto Repair employs only experienced and trained automotive technicians supervised under the watchful eye of professionally certified mechanics.

Springtime Automotive Service Specials

Brake Service Special-$99.95 per axle on most vehicles. This includes replacement of front and rear OE Quality Ceramic Brake Pads-Check and Clean Rotors-Service Calipers-Complete bleeding of Brake System-Road testing for reliability and safety.

Brake System Flushing Special-$89.95 most vehicles. This system flushing includes replacement of old worn brake fluid and checking of brake lines. Complete brake inspection for wear front and back including brake pads, rotors, drums and road testing of the vehicle.

Coolant System Flushing-$119.95 most vehicles. This service starts with complete flushing of the entire coolant system including radiator and all coolant lines. This removes old coolant, rust, scale, and sludge accumulation. New factory recommended coolant and a coolant conditioner added to extend the life and performance of the coolant system.

Auto Air Conditioning Tune-up-$99.00 most vehicles. This service includes a complete diagnostic performance check of the AC System. Leak testing with dye trace and an Evac and recharge of AC system that includes up to 2 lbs. of Freon.

Air Conditioning Ventilation System-$99.95 most vehicles. This service includes complete flushing and cleaning of the entire ventilation system killing mold, spores, mildew, and bacteria. Servicing of the compressor, check for system leaks.

Fuel & Air Induction Service-$119.95 most vehicles. Service includes cleaning air throttle, air intake, intake valves and clean entire fuel system including fuel injectors.

Weekly Oil Change Special-$19.95 most vehicles- Wednesdays- Service includes an oil change and filter using high-mileage oil.

When You Need an Automotive Garage-Who are you going to Call?

Muffler City Auto Repair is much more than an expert design, fabrication and installation shop for custom exhaust systems and mufflers. We are a full-service, one-stop-shop for any automotive repair, replacement or preventative maintenance service. Our staff of expert mechanics hold ASE Certified Mechanic ratings and over 350 factory authorized service certifications. We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm. Located between San Jose Blvd and Philips Hwy, adjacent to the US Post Office. Give us a call at 904-739-0091 and we will be glad to answer any question you might have about your vehicle or our services and schedule and appointment for you to receive our award-winning service. 

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