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Which Season Is Harder On Your Car, Summer or Winter?

Are Summers Harder on a Car Than Winters

Many people debate over whether their summer seasons or their winters seasons are actually harder on their cars, trucks, SUV and farm equipment. The question really depends on where in the nation you are located according to Bob Anzio of Consumer Reports, automotive section. “Automobiles, their individual parts and mechanical systems are greatly affected by extremes in the weather and the length and duration of how long those extremes last”. If you are living in a tropical or sub-tropical climate or experience artic freezes for extended periods of time, those temperature extremes really affect the performance of cars and trucks. High temperatures occurring in the desert Southwest or most Southern states, endure very hot summers for longer periods of time than just the summer season. Some years these regions experience summer conditions for as many as six months. Conversely, many northern states especially in northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and states bordering the Rocky Mountains have extended periods of extreme cold weather. Another weather condition that can adversely affect automobiles is the abrupt changes in weather patterns. In places like Denver and Kansas City, the weather might be mild and very seasonal one day and all of a sudden, the weather pattern changes and extremes of either cold or warmth swing into those regions depending on the season.

What Parts on Cars are Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme weather, hot or cold have different affects on different parts of your automobile, its parts and mechanical systems. For instance, summer heat can adversely affect and add stress to the over-use of Radiators, Auto Air Conditioners, Coolant Systems, Brakes, Tires, Muffler and Exhausts, engine temperatures affecting Oil, system fluids like Transmissions and electrical components like Ignitions. This heat-affect is compounded by the number of months vehicles have to endure this weather condition which greatly affecting overall performance. However, cold temperatures that exist for extended periods of time have an effect on Electrical Systems, Engine Start-up and Engine Shutdowns, automotive body parts, Transmissions and Oil Viscosity and Muffler and Exhaust Systems. Ice and snowy road conditions are usually treated with sand and salt making for a toxic compound that eats away on metal parts, Suspensions, Drive Shafts, Brakes and even the lower structure of a car are all vulnerable to corrosion and wear. We are fortunate to live in a temperate climate like North Florida even though we have extremely hot summers for periods as long as 5 months out of the year. But we have mild winters with temperatures reaching below the freezing mark for a very short period of time. Additionally, high humidity does also play a role in stressing out automobiles in these climates whereas the Southwest experiences very dry conditions creating problems of its own. Muffler City Auto Repair is an experienced automotive repair facility that can solve any problem your vehicle is experiencing no matter what the weather is. Heat wears out vehicles and puts stress on mechanical systems that are already running at warm or hot temperatures. Ron Evans and his automotive repair staff of ASE certified mechanics hold over 350 manufacturers certifications for every automotive system and repair.

Why Visit Muffler City Auto Repair

In every town there are a very few honest, trustworthy and reliable auto repair facilities who have the training, knowledge and skills to correctly and inexpensively repair foreign and domestic vehicles. Muffler City Auto Repair is one such auto repair facility with factory trained, ASE certified mechanics whose automotive repair integrity is above reproach. Servicing customers since 1995, Muffler City Auto Repair started out as a custom exhaust and muffler shop, designing and fabricating custom exhaust systems for any automotive project. As their client base grew so did their services and Ron Evans owner/operator developed his repair facility into one of the best service garages in the southeast. If you are looking for a local, non-big box, quick-fix facility who stands behind their work doing preventative maintenance and service repairs for all makes and models of vehicles you have come to the right place. From specialized Auto AC Repair and Engine Rebuilding to Brakes, Suspension, Transmissions and more, Muffler City Auto Repair is your one stop shop for all your vehicle’s needs. Give us a call today at 904-739-0091 and let us show you what makes are services unique. Or visit us on the web at .

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