Orange Park Custom Exhaust

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Custom Exhaust Specialists for Clay County

Clay County, as a county is made up of a collection of bedroom communities such as Orange Park, Fleming Island, Oakleaf Plantation, Argyle Forest, Lakeside, Middleburg and Green Cove Springs whose majority of inhabitants commute to Jacksonville for work on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that many of the products and services these individuals seek are closer to where they work than to where they live. But for many, finding the right mechanic or automotive service specialist is a matter of preference not location. For Jacksonville and surrounding areas like Clay County there is really only one custom exhaust and muffler shop whose expertise and artisan offerings, are clearly above the rest. Muffler City Auto Repair is a full-service automotive repair facility for cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, commercial vehicles and RV’s. We specialize in everything automotive, from diagnostics and engine repair, preventative maintenance to unique services like custom exhausts, repair and replacement, design, fabrication and installation.

Our humble beginnings started as a custom exhaust shop servicing all of North Florida from our location on Sunbeam Road. Ron Evans owner/operator and his staff of ASE Certified Mechanics are automotive specialists. In 1995 Ron started Muffler City as a high-end custom exhaust and muffler repair facility. Having a unique background in welding, pipe bending, design and fabrication and having welding licenses in ARC, TIG and MIG, Ron together with his master exhaust mechanic JR started offering unique, one-of-a-kind exhaust services. “We had customer demands for unique, custom made, exhaust system and many redesigns for new cars, pick-up trucks, trucks, sports cars and exotics cars. Because of the quality of the work we performed our customers wanted us to offer other services to their vehicles so we hired certified, factory trained mechanics and here we are 25 years later”.  As the business grew and developed into a full-service garage we never forgot our automotive origins and still provide custom exhaust system services today. If your cars performance is in question, your exhaust system might be the problem. A properly designed exhaust system can increase fuel economy, reduce engine noise, increase emissions efficiency and extend the life of your engine. Common exhaust problems include manifold leaking issues, catalytic converter wear, muffler back-flow problems and excessive exhaust fumes. We repair and correct all of these common exhaust issues. We also can redesign a completely new exhaust system for your vehicle that is probably more efficient than the original factory installation. JR is a genius when it comes to designing custom exhausts and we are both affordable and time conscious when it comes to servicing your vehicle.

Muffler Fabrication and Repair

If you are looking to correct or enhance your daily driver, used car, new car, off-road vehicle or RV, Muffler City Auto Repair is the right move for you. We stock a large variety of mufflers, pipes and manufacturer like MagnaFlow and FlowMaster to choose from or let our custom exhaust mechanic design the right exhaust system for your needs. JR has over 30 years as a master exhaust mechanic and is capable of handling any job. From simple welding repairs to complete redesigns we have the know-how and experience and all at an affordable price. We use only the finest materials of steel, aluminum, and stainless steel for a product that will out last most cars. Beauty, value and savings is what we offer and we are easy to reach. Located close to San Jose Blvd (State Road 13), I-95 and US-1.

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