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New Year, New Oil!

Time flies when you are working and living a life. It is easy to rely on your car to just do it’s job and drive day after day. Car maintenance gets put on the back burner until a light on the dash or a odd noise occurs. How long has it been since your vehicle’s last oil change?

Is it time or past time to schedule an oil change? Why does your car even need new oil? Your engine depends on oil for lubrication to run efficiently. After time, the engine components can warp and wear out. Eventually, an entire engine can completely shut down! That statement scares my wallet.

Here is the real deal on why the oil needs to be changed. For your auto’s sake.

Oil is vital to maintain engine lubrication.

While you are driving along trying to get the kids to school, all those parts under the hood are moving super fast and causing heat. Oil provides the lubrication to prevent too much friction and overheating.

Eliminate dirt and sludge.

Over time, the oil in your car is getting dirty. Dirt particles can be deadly to an engine. Dirt can cause corrosion and eventually dirty oil turns in to sludge. Neither is any good for peak performance or the life of your engine.

Improve gas mileage.

Fresh oil moving through your engine and lubricating all that metal increases your engine’s performance. When the engine runs more efficiently with less work, less gas is used. That’s a win win.

Start your year and your auto’s year off the right way. Have a certified mechanic change your oil (and filter!) along with a well maintenance checkup. Muffler City performs oil changes daily and you can call the office to schedule an appointment convenient for you.

Happy new year to you! Find a oil change special here:

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