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Oh, What’s Wrong with My Car Now?

Ever get the feeling your car has problems too expensive to fix. Or every time you take the car in for a repair something else goes wrong you didn’t anticipate. Maybe you think it might be the repair shop who has tampered with something and now you have another issue you have to pay to get fixed.  These are common concerns everyone has from time to time. When one thing goes wrong like the Auto AC is blowing warm air and you get it fixed, then the engine light comes on and now something else needs to be addressed. Chances are the car you are driving has more than 75,000 miles on it according to industry experts. Certain cars, whether they are foreign or domestic have what is commonly referred to as a “planned obsolescence” on certain parts. Take tires for instance. Tire manufacturers have a timetable for particular tires to wear out at certain mileage depending on the type of tire, size and cost. Some tires are set to expire at 30,000 miles, while others are rated to last 50,000. That same plan is reenacted on every moving part manufactured for a car, truck or SUV. High performance cars like Porsches and exotic cars have parts designed to withstand certain standards of wear but need replacing, sooner than other, less demanding cars. For instance, most brake systems are designed to be replaced by 50-75,000 miles. But Porsche brakes are set to be changed out every 25,000 miles and the manufacturer recommends replacing the rotors with the pads.

Ask a Professional Mechanic for Advice!

We asked Ron Evans, owner/operator of Muffler City Auto Repair about the main concern most of his clients have involving their older cars. The key to keeping a car in top condition is having regular services done at the correct intervals according to Ron. Oil changes, brake pads, fluids checked, coolant levels topped off are items that cannot go un-serviced for any extended length of time. Good clean oil, synthetic or regular, breaks down over time and mileage, and if not changed out at the proper time can do damage to other components. This leads to expensive repairs that could have been avoided. It’s like if you go to the dentist on a regular basis you will have a better outcome than only seeing one when there’s a problem. Cars have to be maintained especially in extreme climates like Florida. Excessive heat really takes its toll on a car. That’s why more cars break down during the summer months than at any other time of the year. Ron also suggests that the mechanic you choose has a lot to do with the condition of your car. He employs only top mechanics with experience, specialized manufactures training and ASE certification. According to Ron, every mechanic I hire is on probation for 6 months and all repairs are inspected by one of our chief mechanics to ensure the job is done right and at the manufactures quality standard. There are many mechanics who have many degrees of experience but at Muffler City Auto Repair we have different levels of repairs and have specialist who can perform those functions. “You can’t take a mechanic who has experience doing oil changes and changing out brake pads and have them do a complete engine overhaul, it doesn’t work”. If you find the right auto repair facility or garage with the right personnel, stay with them.

Why Muffler City Auto Repair?

Experience, knowledge, automotive skill, specialized mechanics, preforming specific repairs and a quality of work standard, second to none. In some cases, we are on our 3rd generation of customers since we have been in the same location since the 1990’s. Why did we name our business Muffler City because we started out doing custom exhaust systems and muffler repairs, but as we grew we hired the best general auto mechanics we could find and grew to a 6-bay shop right here on Sunbeam Road in Jacksonville fl. We specialize in general automotive repair and service, and can handle anything mechanically wrong with your automobile. We service all makes and models. We still provide the best custom exhaust systems: design, fabrication and installation in North Florida, but to service our customer’s needs we had to do more. Give us a call at 904-739-0091 or visit our website at

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