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Muffler City Auto Repair opened in October 1995. Beginning as Muffler City & Brake, we still do business with this original title. A number of years ago, we changed the business name to Muffler City Auto Repair to better reflect our full service capabilities. We can service any vehicle repairs or maintenance as well as focusing on mufflers and exhausts including custom work. Our knowledgeable team of automotive technicians have expertise in various mechanical fields and strive to always learn more.

Owner Ron Evans has operated Muffler City at the same Mandarin location since he first slid open the garage door on Sunbeam Road in 1995. You are liable to see him test driving or under a vehicle welding on any given day. Ron has 35 years of experience under his belt and a drive to successfully complete every job.

His background started at his family home in Anchorage. Ron constantly had vehicles in various stages of repair in the driveway.  Once in high school, he continued to learn in the mechanics shop. Eventually, he was working on teachers and student’s vehicles while in the school shop. Right after high school, Ron started a 10 year career at Muffler City & Brake in Anchorage, Alaska. During his career there, he received his first Automotive Service Excellence certificate while working as an automotive technician and moved to management. Meyers Bros. Muffler City is still open in the same location today serving Anchorage. Ron visits whenever he is home.

Ron left the great state of Alaska for Jacksonville, Florida in 1995 and opened Muffler City. He has spent many years building a trustworthy business servicing our Jacksonville area. His staff are ASE certified mechanics with the skills to assess your vehicle issue and repair it correctly. Muffler City has built a reputation for muffler and exhaust systems often performing custom work in accordance with a customer’s specifications.  Many people know us by our tag line-Best Sound in Town.

Muffler City is open for your business 5 days a week. Call 904/739-0091 for an appointment and become a valued customer today.

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