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Vehicle Maintenance Services in Jacksonville, FL

Automotive preventative maintenance is much more than checking worn wiper blades, kicking tires and getting your oil changed. Competent automotive maintenance is really only accomplished when having a qualified mechanic, with extensive training and an ASE certification review your car, truck, pickup truck or SUV’s condition and service record. Muffler City Auto Repair believes in preventative maintenance service and performs a thorough checkup using a full array of diagnostics equipment to determine what services are need immediately and what other service requirements are due in the near future. At Muffler City Auto Repair, we only perform those services that are needed, at the time they are needed. Regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance is really the key to extending the life of your vehicle and will reduce costly repairs down the road.

With so many automotive service shops springing up and those franchised, quick-lube oil and brake shops, its hard to determine who is qualified to perform preventative and regularly scheduled maintenance on your vehicle and who isn’t. We recommend before letting anyone have access to your car, pick-up truck, light truck or SUV, review the credentials of the service personnel wanting to perform services on your vehicle. Check the technician’s credentials by looking at the businesses website or ask before any service is done. Also review what services they perform and if they are not a full-service repair garage be very careful who you let underneath your hood.

Muffler City Auto Repair is a full-service repair and preventative maintenance facility that perform services needed to maintain your vehicle in the best working condition, all at a cost-effective price. Good vehicle service does not have to be expensive and at Muffler City Auto Repair we keep our prices low every day. Below are the free 11 point inspections we perform on every vehicle that enters are shop.

Free 11 Point Inspection

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Our Recommend Maintenance Practices

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