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History of legislation governing Exhaust and Muffler Installation

According to the State of Florida Statutes, 403.415 under Title XXIX, Public Health, Environmental Control, Florida passed a Florida Motor Vehicle Noise Prevention and Control Act of 1974. The legislative intent of the law created was to improve the quality of life in the state by limiting the amount of noise, new motor vehicles occupying its roads would create. Also in 1974, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created noise standards for automobile, medium and heavy truck manufacturers in an attempt to reduce noise and establish a standard measurement used by states trying to reduce noise. Additionally, the law governed any exhaust muffler or “replacement equipment” sold or installed that would increase the noise level of any motor vehicle, to levels above the original manufacturers set standard.

The public had had it with loud, noisy cars and trucks occupying its public space and with the new legislation came enforcement and fines. The laws also created a new need for automobile shops to offer muffler services to repair, replace and install mufflers and exhaust systems worn to the point of not providing a noise reduction and emission standard initiated at the same time.

Muffler Applications for Internal Combustion Engines

Originally, mufflers were designed to reduce backfiring on internal combustion engines. Before turbochargers were invented, mufflers provided back-pressure to the engine, increasing performance. With the advancements made to today’s engine design, mufflers now have two basic functions: to reduce engine noise and conduct exhaust gases from the engine to the open air away from the vehicle itself. Mufflers themselves do not reduce carbon emissions which is achieved through a device called a catalytic converter. These devices are part of the emission and exhaust system but serve the limited purpose of reducing harmful gases created by engine combustion. Mufflers do have an effect on gas or smoke emissions to a lesser degree but their chief purpose is to muffle or reduce the noise associated with exhaust systems.

Many motor vehicle repair shops offer muffler service due to the amount of used cars on the road and the life expectancy of traditional mufflers lasting only 7 to 10 years under normal vehicle use. Common causes of muffler deterioration are due to damage sustained on roadways, scrapping of or mufflers coming into contact with road debris and other obstacles. Additionally, mufflers exposed to extreme weather conditions such as salted roadways in icy or snow conditions or sustained in areas adjacent to the ocean. Broken mufflers can cause additional damage to the car’s metal structure over prolonged exposure causing pitting, rusting and metal deterioration. Regardless of the effects damaged or worn mufflers can cause, compromised exhaust systems, designed to operate at peak performance, can have an effect of engine efficiency and fuel consumption. Qualified ASE mechanics can determine the extent of damage and recommend repair or replacement of all or part of the system. Only seek out a qualified, and certified mechanic to do exhaust system and muffler repair.

The Art of Custom Exhausts

The majority of “national”, small box muffler stores, providing muffler service and general auto repair, perform traditional muffler service based on manufacturers specifications. These shops for the most part do very little custom muffler and exhaust system installation and design. Exhaust system fabrication is a highly specialized field and only a limited amount of exhaust artisans exist in any giving market. Jacksonville, and the surrounding areas of Orange Park, Fleming Island, Jacksonville Beaches and St Johns County have access to one of the most experienced and talented custom exhaust and custom design mechanics in the southeast. Muffler City Auto Repair is one such custom exhaust and general automotive repair facility, capable of designing, fabricating and installing custom muffler and exhaust systems for any engine application. From traditional cars, trucks, semi’s and light truck applications to anything that has a motor, including but not limited to all foreign and domestic cars, exotics, RV’s, motorcycles, mopeds, tractors, generators, industrial machines etc. Muffler City is a highly experienced and specialty shop.

Jacksonville Custom Exhaust Shop

Ron Evans, a master welder and ASE certified master mechanic has over 30 years of experience in custom welding and exhaust system design. As owner/operator Ron oversees one of the exhaust industries leading fabricators and technician, JR, who, with an additional 29 years of experience can fabricate custom exhausts for any application. His many satisfied clients have named him “Mr. Impossible” because of the impossible jobs he undertakes. These men take their craft very seriously because the “right custom exhaust system” does more than just add beauty to a motor vehicle, it adds a precision and finely-tuned functionality to the operation of the vehicle itself. Custom Exhausts and fabrication is an art. They say every town has “one good Italian restaurant in it” but very few communities have any, professionally trained, custom exhaust artisans, who can realize a fabrication project and make it a reality. This shop is the one that can. If you are looking for any automotive repair, from engine rebuilds, brake and AC repair, to adding a custom exhaust system to your vehicle, stop in at our convenient location at 4435 Sunbeam Rd and ask for Ron, Stephanie, Scott, Angel or JR. Muffler City Auto Repair Call…904-739-0091 or visit us on the web at Since 1995, Muffler City and Brakes has been serving North Florida and South Georgia with exceptional service and affordable automotive care.

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