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Jacksonville Custom Exhaust Specialists

One of the last, after-market automotive services still being practiced today is the art of custom exhausts systems. Before emissions controls and air quality standards were established, most automobiles had very basic muffler and exhaust systems offerings. Tail pipe bending and custom exhaust specialists were all the rage for many years. From California to Vermont, almost every town had a least one shop that specialized in doing exhaust system design, fabrication and installation. People from all age groups and all walks of life that were interested in enhancing the beauty and functionality of their vehicles were visiting custom muffler and exhaust shops everywhere. As automobiles became more sophisticated and their engines required very specific exhausts systems to operate at maximum efficiency, many of these exhaust engineers found other automotive services to perform. Others because of their welding experience found work in the highly specialized fields of welding offerings for industry. Still other exhaust engineers continued to do custom exhaust systems and as many exhaust shops died off the service became more and more regionalized.

What Does a Custom Exhaust Expert Look Like?

What does the average custom exhaust engineer look like? Well they are harder and harder to find these days but most you will find under some automobile, truck or pick-up truck up, on the rack pulling old exhausts and replacing them with custom ones. The art of custom exhausts hasn’t changes as much as the availability of these artisans. Most still operating today have many years’ experience, some as much as 25-30 years.  The really good ones have mastered the art of MIG, TIG and ARC welding used in all types of custom exhaust fabrication and design. A custom exhaust fabrication shop can design any type of exhaust system someone would want installed on their vehicle. From tail pipe bending and full, back-box, cat-back to unique tailpipe styles and custom sound which can include sports car, racetrack or just throttle-back loud. These applications are not just being produced for exotics or vintage cars they are being designed for any application where a one-off unique look is desired. Even cars being bought new off the showroom floor are being re-equipped with custom design exhaust to enhance their look, performance and style.

Why Muffler City Auto Repair?

In most cases if you are looking for a custom exhaust shop, your choices are limited to only a few shops here in North Florida. Really talented and experienced custom exhaust fabricators and designers are few and far between. Exhaust artisans like JR who has been employed for almost 35 years in the custom exhaust field, has been servicing Muffler City Auto Repair customers with unique one-of-a-kind exhaust systems. This type of work is so specialized that the word gets around if you want an affordable, uniquely designed custom exhaust.  Muffler City Auto Repair started off as a muffler and custom exhaust only shop years ago. As the marketplace changed so did Ron Evans, owner/operator automotive offerings.

He started his business designing custom exhaust and muffler systems for all types of engine and vehicle applications. He was so successful that his clientele requested that he start offering automotive repair service and vehicle maintenance. Besides Ron having an ASE master mechanic certification, he knew he would have to hire the right team of mechanics to work on any vehicle issue, foreign or domestic. Along with his chief, ASE certified master mechanic Scott Brown, who holds over 350 GM certifications, and together with additional auto mechanics and JR, his master pipe and custom exhaust design mechanic, Muffler City Auto Repair is your one-stop-shop for all things automotive. Give them a call for your next scheduled vehicle maintenance or for questions about anything automotive, they will be glad to help. 904-739-0091 or visit them on the web at Check out their list of monthly and seasonal specials. Muffler City Auto Repair

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