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Florida legislation governing Exhaust Systems

Florida passed a Florida Motor Vehicle Noise Prevention and Environment Control Act in 1974, legislation intent on creating limits to the amount of noise motor vehicles could emanate. That same year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created noise standards for all newly manufactured automobiles, and truck manufacturers attempting to reduce noise and establish a standard measurement by which states could reduce noise pollution. The laws governed exhaust and muffler systems and any replacement equipment installed that would increase noise levels of any motor vehicle.

The general public had had it with vehicles that were loud and noisy and even some, where their noise emissions were actually enhanced. These vehicles did share public space and the new legislation brought about enforcement and in some cases fines. The laws also extended to heavy trucks doing what is termed “engine breaking” using the truck’s transmission to slow their rate of speed instead of applying brakes which creates additional noise.  These new laws gave rise to a new breed of auto shops offering muffler and exhaust services. Shops like Midas and many independents were created to repair and replace mufflers and exhaust systems that were worn. Additionally, many states also created air standard legislation for vehicles to reduce emissions that affected air quality standards.

Internal Combustion Engines and the use of Mufflers

Automobile manufacturers originally designed mufflers and exhaust systems to accomplish 2 important things: reduction of engine backfiring and exert back pressure on internal combustion engines. Before turbochargers were invented, mufflers provided what is known as back-pressure to the engine which increases performance and engine efficiency. Today’s modern engine design use mufflers to reduce engine noise and conduct exhaust gases from the engine. Mufflers themselves do not reduce carbon emissions so a device called a catalytic converter had to be invented. These devices are part of the emission control system reducing environmental harmful gases that are created by engine combustion. Mufflers do however have an effect on smoke and to a lesser extent, gaseous emissions associated with exhaust systems.

With the life expectancy of commercial mufflers lasting up to 10 years under normal vehicle use, many repair shops started offering muffler service. Causes of muffler deterioration can also be attributed to damage sustained by scrapping on roads surfaces, from debris and also from other obstacles encountered. Mufflers are also exposed to extreme weather conditions being in such close proximity to the road surface itself.  Broken mufflers or exhausts can also cause additional damage to the car’s metal structure causing pitting, rusting and metal fatigue. A compromised exhaust system can have an effect on engine efficiency and even fuel consumption. Qualified ASE Certified Mechanics are trained to determine the extent of damage a damaged or worn muffler is causing. If you are in need of an exhaust or muffler inspection please seek out only a qualified, mechanic and exhaust technician such as employed by Muffler City Auto Repair.

The Art of Custom Exhausts

The majority of “national” muffler stores offering muffler service and some general auto repair, perform only traditional muffler service. These shops do very little custom muffler and exhaust system installation and design because of the technicians and lack of experts they employ. Exhaust systems and fabrication is a highly specialized field that only a limited amount of exhaust artisans work in a given market. Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of Orange Park, Fleming Island, Jacksonville Beach, and St Johns County are very fortunate to have access to one of the most experienced and talented custom exhaust and design shops in the southeast. Muffler City Auto Repair is a custom exhaust and general automotive repair facility capable of designing, fabricating, installing and repairing any custom muffler and exhaust systems desired. From all cars, foreign and domestic, to trucks, pick-up trucks, commercial trucks and RV’s, Muffler City Auto Repair is an experienced and specialty shop provider.

Ron Evans, owner/operator of Muffler City Auto Repair is also an ASE Certified Mechanic with over 30 years of experience in custom welding and exhaust system design.  His chief custom exhaust technician, JR, has an additional 29 years of experience and can fabricate custom exhausts for any application. Many satisfied clients have named JR “Mr. Impossible” because he is a master at solving any exhaust issue. Ron and JR take their specialized craft very seriously because the right custom exhaust system does more than just add functionality to the performance of an engine, it can also add beauty to the vehicle as well. Custom Exhausts and fabrication is an art that not just any shop can offer.

If you are looking for an automotive repair shop that performs service on all types of vehicle issues: from engine repairs, brakes and auto AC service, to tune-up, oil changes and solving electrical problems, Muffler City Auto Repair does it all.

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