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It’s not surprising that of all the parts on a car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle no other component is as important as are the brakes. Even for vehicles that are not in running condition, brakes are an essential factor when moving, transporting or repairing a vehicle because nothing else on a car provides the stopping power of the brakes. But how and when does a vehicle owner know his brakes are in need of service or repair? There are a few tell tail signs that can show evident wear on the brakes even to an untrained owner. Brake failure is of such critical importance to the operation of a vehicles safety that even the slightest evidence the brakes are not operating at a functional level, is of major concern. Many other components on a car can show signs of wear like tires, transmission, exhausts, engine parts etc. but most of the wear does not interfere with the ultimate safety of the car like the braking system does. This means that timely inspection, repair and replacement should be done immediately upon discovering the brakes are not operating properly. What is called “optimal braking” is important to avoid accidents, mishaps and even placing car, driver, passengers and pedestrians in peril, if the brake system were to fail. Brake safety can only be achieved and mishaps avoided if one follows these simple procedures of identifying common brake wear. Muffler City Auto Repair is a full service automotive mechanical garage that specializes in the detection, inspection, repair and replacement of brake components including pads, rotors, brake lines, fluid flushing, master cylinder and disk repairs. Since 1995 Muffler City Auto Repair has been servicing the needs of our automotive customers with, preventative maintenance, high quality repairs and excellent customer service.

Common Signs of Brake Disintegration

The most common sign of brake wear is that squeaking and grinding noise that appears when the brake foot pedal is applied and the brakes are engaged.  Usually this noise appears when the brake pads are becoming worn down or are thinning and damage can be done to the rotors if not repaired immediately. There are many factors that can contribute to the life of a brake pad including the speed at which the car is travelling when the brakes are applied and the amount of pressure exerted when braking force is needed to stop the vehicle. Many drivers keep their left foot on the brake pedal at all times causing the brakes to be constantly engaged. Also, many manufacturers have set different intervals that the brakes need to be replaced depending on the type of brakes used in the vehicle. Many exotic or high-performance cars are installed with ceramic brakes and these systems provide tremendous stopping power but have to be replaced much quicker than traditional brakes installed on most passenger cars and light trucks. Newer vehicles are equipped with brake sensors that warn the driver that the brakes are in need of service. If the brake indicator light comes on during operation of the vehicle the driver should immediately seek brake service to avoid costly repairs and additional damage sustained to the brake system.

The second most common sign that a worn brake pad or other braking system failure has occurred is the amount of pressure that has to be applied to the brake pedal for the car to come to a complete stop. Most brakes operate at the top of the ark of the brake pedal path and when the brake pads become worn or the pressure in the system has been compromised the brake pedal application might take more pressure to exert enough pressure for the brakes to become engaged. This is a dangerous condition and needs to be remedied immediately to avoid an accident. This situation can be especially hazardous if the roads are wet because the brakes don’t respond properly to a bad road condition.

The third tell tail sign that a brake issue might be occurring is if the brake fluid is leaking or the brake fluid is low or in constant need of replenishment. Low fluid levels can indicate a number of problems including a broken or worn brake line or worn master cylinder issue or broken seal. Seek immediate help if you suspect the fluid accumulating under your car is brake fluid.

The forth and probably the most common occurrence of a vehicle in need of brake repair is the vibration that can occur in the steering wheel. Many brake repairs involve only a replacement of the brake pads but constant wear of the brake pads can result in a deterioration of the brake rotors. Most manufacturers recommend replacement of the brake rotors every 2nd  or 3rd brake pad replacements. Some high-performance vehicles like Porsche’s and Ferrari’s replace rotors and pads together when brake jobs are warranted.

Jacksonville Florida Brake Specialists

Muffler City Auto Repair is an automotive specialty repair facility equipped with the most modern equipment to diagnose, repair and install top-of-the-line brakes for all foreign and domestic vehicles. Since 1995 Muffler City Auto Repair has provided Jacksonville residents with a unique alternative to car repair done by ASE certified professional mechanics with over 100 years of combined automotive experience. We specialize in comprehensive auto repair and service with free estimates and a customer satisfaction guarantee second to none. Let Ron Evans and his team of experts diagnose and repair your vehicle at affordable, honest prices. We are just a phone call away at 904-739-0091 for immediate service and repair or visit us on the web at for a complete list of our services and credentials.

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