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Jacksonville Auto Repair Tips

Muffler City Auto Repair, a 20-year veteran in the auto repair and custom exhaust shop business, believes the average driver can prolong the life of their vehicle by following a few simple tips. These are common sense practices that can save a vehicle owner money in general maintenance and repairs.

First, never warm up your fuel injected engine on a cold or rainy day and certainly not even if the car has been sitting for any length of time. That old adage of “time to warm” up the engine and warm up the oil and coolant system before starting out was practiced on carbureted engines and with modern technology does more harm than good.

Next, never rev the engine up before shutting down the engine. This practice might sound good but actually leaves an excessive amount of gasoline in the fuel injection system and is a bad practice. It can lead to a clogged injection system and costly repairs.

Constantly check tire pressures during the winter and early spring months where the changes in temperatures are frequent. Most automobile manufacturers equip vehicles with modern computer systems that warn when tire pressure is low but will not warn when the tire pressure is not at its optimum pressure. Remember cold tires with lower pressure will heat up and increase the pressure readings in tires as they get warmer.

Many people are in a great hurry to get nowhere fast increasing engine wear and gas consumption not to mention the threat of getting pulled over for speeding. You can see these drivers every day, changing lanes and cutting in and out of traffic only to come to a red light and see all their erratic driving has gotten them nowhere. This is a dangerous practice that can not only cause accidents but increases the wear on a car’s engine parts. This is a simple task that can save gas and added expense. If you have a lot of stuff you are carrying around in your vehicle, adding extra weight, you might want to consider cleaning out your car or truck. By lightening the load many vehicles experience much greater fuel and tire efficiency.

This one is really tough for most drivers. Try driving the speed limit especially on high traffic highways. Stop and go traffic only exacerbates the wear on a cars system and your brakes and engine will last much longer without the additional stress if you are driving at a lesser rate of speed. When driving on interstates or highways without traffic lights, use your cruise control to establish one, constant rate of speed. This will actually increase the gas mileage your car experiences because the vehicle is adjusting for road conditions and averaging a non-variable rate of speed.

Another vehicle performance practice is to turn off your air conditioning whenever possible. These coolant systems increase gas consumption and are not always necessary to experience a comfortable temperature when driving. Our favorite tip is to keep your cars preventative maintenance schedule up and perform oil changes, tire rotation and change other filters and air and cabin filters at the correct intervals. There is nothing more damaging to an engine that having old oil circulating and not providing the correct lubrication for your engine.

Why Muffler City Auto Repair for all Your Automotive Needs?

After 20 years of servicing cars, truck, pickup trucks, commercial vehicles and RV’s, Muffler City Auto Repair is a one-stop shop for any automotive repair. ASE Certified Mechanics with over 50 years of shared experience holding over 350 individual factory repair certificates can repair and replace any part on all domestic and foreign vehicle. Ron Evans owner/operator and his chief mechanic Scott Brown together have developed an auto repair garage second to none. If you are looking for honest, reliable, experienced auto repair and preventative maintenance service on every engine make and model, from transmissions and brakes to custom exhaust fabrication and engine rebuilding look no further. We are located between San Jose Blvd and Philips Hwy (US1) at 4435 Sunbeam Road adjacent to the US Post Office. Give us a call at 904-739-0091 for an appointment or to just discuss what ails your vehicle and we will be glad to discuss how best to solve its problem.

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