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If you are looking for a full-service auto repair facility there are a few items you need to consider when making your choice. First and foremost is the length of time the automotive garage has been in business and servicing patrons. Many auto repair facilities come and go and it is a good idea to identify a reputable facility with a strong clientele and customer base. Second, how diversified is the garage in the services they provide? For example, do they specialize in only certain types of repairs like transmissions, mufflers, brakes and oil changes or are they equipped to handle any type of service and repair you might need in keeping your vehicle in top shape. Many service shops are not equipped to diagnose and handle major repairs and some of the franchise shops only employ minimum wage employees without the skills and training to provide much more than the bare minimum services. Third, does the automotive garage employ professionally trained mechanics and do these mechanics have any factory training and certifications by a reputable and qualified mechanics certification service like ASE? Automobiles are becoming quite complicated to diagnose and repair because of the technology being employed today. Expert training and knowledge is required to work on most cars under 10 years old. Fourth, does the repair facility have the means to purchase diagnostic equipment to perform engine checks and troubleshoot computer issues and diagnostics? It takes considerable resources to purchase diagnostic equipment and employ skilled technicians familiar with their operation. Fifth, is the repair facility multi-faceted and can they repair and maintain all different types of automotive brands or do they specialize in just one type of manufacturer? Experts at one type of automobile have their unique place in providing those services but are usually found in luxury or more complicated brands like Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and specific sports car vehicles. Most certified mechanics who have the knowledge, skill and training can work on these vehicles but some owners like to patronize these types of shops where the brand skills are concentrated on that brand alone. And last but not least, does the auto repair facility have a warrantee on the work they perform and do they stand behind the offer made and the warrantee given. This is usually accomplished by service garages whose owners are truly owner/operators and are involved in the business and the services they perform. Most owners know that an unhappy customer can breed disaster for a business. Bad news travels a lot faster than good news about products and services. Good will is the major divider between good service and great service and businessmen know this. Its what separates the truly successful small business and the un-successful ones and are their individual commitment to customer service and performing the work right the first time. There are no short cuts here when it comes to repair and service.

What Does Muffler City Auto Repair have the Other Don’t?

The best, most successful automotive repair garages in Jacksonville are really a breed apart from the quick-fix, quick-service shops employed to lure customers in because of cheap price and fast, while you wait service. Ron Evans, owner/operator has combined knowledge, experience, specialized service and certification as the cornerstones of his business. Together with his chief mechanic Scott Brown, Ron enlists the technical help of service techs and mechanics who really care about the vehicles they maintain and the customers who own them. Located on Sunbeam Road between San Jose Blvd. and Philips Hwy, Muffler City Auto Repair is a full-service preventative maintenance, diagnostic and repair facility for automobiles, trucks, pick-up trucks, commercial vehicles and RV’s. We specialize in all aspects of automotive repair including ignition, electrical, auto air conditioning, brakes, transmissions, suspension, custom exhausts, coolant systems, steering, preventative maintenance and general automotive repairs. ASE certified mechanics holding over 350 factory training certifications on every system present in a vehicle. We also specialize in both foreign and domestic manufacturers and have over 75 years of combined automotive experience. We can find, diagnose and resolve any problem your vehicle is suffering from and do all of this at a competitive price. Our warrantees and service guarantees are second to none because we stand behind every decision we make and every service we perform. Give us a call today at 904-739-0091 for an appointment or give us a call and ask for our expert advice on resolving any problems your vehicle might be experiencing. Visit our website @ AutoRepairJax.Com for a complete list of our services, specials and credentials.

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