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If you’re like most people, the only thing worse than a car that won’t start is an auto air conditioner that won’t blow cold air when temperatures start to rise. Florida for many, has intolerable heat 4 months out of the year and with our aged population, cooling down in our vehicles from the summer heat is a must. That’s why Muffler City Auto Repair specializes in all aspects of a car’s air conditioning and cooling systems. From coolant leaks to condenser issues, ASE mechanics holding over 350 factory certificates service, repair and replace auto air conditioners on all foreign and domestic vehicles. Modern air conditioning systems are designed to handle the wear and tear and constant use that southern climates demand, but when these systems start showing signs of distress, you need a qualified mechanic to bring them back to peak performance. That’s where we come in. Honest advice from some of the industry’s best trained and equipped personnel all at competitive prices.

How do Modern Auto AC Systems Work?

When you compare air conditioning systems put into automobiles and trucks today you are looking at a computer based product that is more technical than in years past. Not only are these sophisticated devices harder to repair and service they require the right testing equipment and trained personnel to operate. Auto Air Conditioning Repairs require specialized handling of chemicals that if not properly administered can do damage and have an environmental impact. Auto air conditioners work in the same way a home or office air conditioning systems does. Compressors circulate refrigerated air through the system changing liquid to gas and then back again causing the air to maintain a temperature at a certain degree cooler than the existing air. The water evaporating escapes through a drain similar to traditional air conditioners and can be seen under the car or truck when they are stationary. If your system is not blowing cooled air it is primarily due to either the compressor not operating properly or the refrigerant has escaped due to leaks, cracks or holes in the pressurized lines. Additionally, the control unit and temperature thermostat in the cab could be malfunctioning and would require a computer check to identify the problem.

Why Choose Muffler City Auto Repair?

Some potential clients might question, why should I go to a business that seems to specialize in mufflers and custom exhaust systems, for general automotive maintenance. The answer really is quite simple. Muffler City started out as a muffler shop repairing and replacing used and worn out mufflers. We also specialized in designing and fabricating custom exhaust systems for all types of automotive applications including cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, RV’s, in fact for just about every kind of combustion engine available. But our work was so superior that our customers requested we provide greater and greater automotive services. We have expanded that core business to include complete automotive care; from scheduled maintenance to repairing all types of automotive issues. ASE certified mechanics, specializing in all aspects of auto repair on all foreign and domestic cars and trucks. We employ 5 full-time mechanics, utilizing 6 service bays and staffed with the best service techs in the business. Auto Air Conditioning Repair is a specialized field but our services don’t stop there. Brakes, transmissions, struts, engine re-building, alignments, suspension repair, oil changes and tune-ups and much, much more. We also specialize in catering to women who are not quite sure who to trust in our industry for an honest opinion, delivered at an honest price. Our record speaks for itself. Just stop in any time of the day, Monday thru Friday, 8am -6pm and ask one of our customers what they think about our service and the value they receive. That speaks volumes about any business.

Call Muffler City Auto Repair today at 904-739-0091 and see what makes us the right choice for all your automotive needs.

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