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How to Convince your wife you need to Upgrade to a Custom Exhaust System

We get it. You have your heart set on a custom exhaust system and need reasons to convince your wife, significant other or even your logical self to agree. The standard muffler does it’s job so why upgrade to a custom exhaust system?  

There are benefits to installing a custom exhaust system on your vehicle. The parts of the custom exhaust system are designed differently than the standard exhaust parts in order to improve many aspects of your vehicle. Factory vehicles come with a standard exhaust system which is just that, standard. The muffler has two main functions which the system serves.

First and foremost, a muffler is meant to protect you from dangerous fumes. The engine’s exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gases and funnels them into a catalytic converter. This converter removes the harmful toxins then pushes the gases through a muffler. The fumes exit the vehicle through a tail pipe away from an auto and its passengers.

The second main function of a muffler is noise reduction. In fact, a muffler is called a silencer in many non US speaking countries. The muffler decreases the amount of noise emitted by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine.

Now that we have chatted about standard function, let’s talk about 3 reasons (arguments?) to present for that custom exhaust upgrade.

Reason 1: Increased Engine Performance

The factory exhaust system is designed to be quiet and inexpensive but ultimately restricts power. The path for exhaust gases to escape from the engine is constricted and this makes the engine work harder to get the gases out. A custom exhaust system is designed to be more efficient. Due to a quicker and more effective path for gases to escape, your engine experiences a boost in power and can burn less gas.

Reason 2: Improved Sound

Custom exhaust systems can modify your vehicle’s sound significantly and set your vehicle apart from others. Custom systems can give you a unique loud roar or a quieter rumbling growl depending on the components of the system. Muffler City has several different videos detailing vehicle custom exhaust work on our youtube channel so you can hear it for yourself.

Reason 3: Upgraded Appearance

Most standard systems are made of aluminized steel, which can dull and be susceptible to rust. You can select pipes and/or tips made in stainless steel or titanium increasing the life of the system. There are designs to provide an updated, flashy, or more polished look depending on your preferences.


Congratulations, you have decided to customize your vehicle with a new exhaust system! Now what? There are many brands, components, and variations for mufflers and systems, what will you purchase? Speaking to an expert is your best bet to achieve the performance, sound, and look you are after.

Muffler City Auto Repair is known as the Best Sound in Town. It is written on our shop at 4435 Sunbeam in Jacksonville because we specialize in exhaust services. Ron and JR have over 25 years of experience and will meet with you to design your vehicle system. You can stop by the shop or call us today at 904-739-0091. You will leave happy and we will hear it in your new custom exhaust.

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