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When you are shopping for the right automotive repair facility to provide vehicle maintenance for your car, pick-up truck, SUV or commercial vehicle, choosing the right shop is important for your safety as well as your pocketbook. It is recommended that because the average automobile has almost 12,000 different parts in it that you find a comprehensive auto repair facility with ASE Certified Mechanics that provide general services like brake replacement, tire rotation, wheel alignment, oil changes, fluid flushes, and precautionary services, and advanced mechanical services like engine and transmission service, electrical, air conditioning, engine rebuilds and exchanges, exhaust and front and rear-end repair. Many auto repair shops or garages claim they have the expertise and electronic equipment to diagnose many problems that confront modern day vehicles but only a select few really do. It is hard-pressed to find a service facility who have an advanced level of expertise working on both foreign and domestic vehicles of all makes and models with cost-effective repairs and dedicated to customer service and customer satisfaction. At Muffler City Auto Repair, we have what is called “Ask an Expert” service. Our ASE certified mechanics hold over 350 different GM Certifications covering every aspect of a vehicles electrical, cooling, drive train, engine and automotive systems. Ron and Scott have worked on every type of domestic and foreign car manufacturer and have over 60 years of combined experience. “Ask an Expert” means that you are just a phone call or visit away from expert advice on what might ail your vehicle when problems arise, even problems other shops have not properly diagnosed.

Seasonal Maintenance and Repairs

Now is a good time of the year, after the summer heat has diminished to have your car, truck, SUV or any commercial vehicle who has made it through the long hot summer months to have a vehicle inspection. Florida summers notoriously take their toll on vehicle systems that include belts, radiators, coolant systems, oil, brakes, tires, auto air conditioning, fluids, electrical connections and all under-the-hood components. A certified mechanic knows what to look for when it comes to vehicle maintenance and it is also important to prepare for the change of seasons which will be upon us before you know it. Winter months in the south present their own special kind of issues because the weather and temperatures are so unpredictable. One day you will have your air conditioning blowing cold air because of the heat and the next day turning on the heat to take the chill out of those unexpected cold morning start-ups. Being prepared for the winter is a good preventative measure and because the holiday season is fast approaching, and seasonal trips are often times required, having your car inspected now could prevent you from calling road side assistance on your way to grandma’s house for the holidays. Nothing could be worse than a car full of presents and kids stranded on the side of the road because of a worn belt or tire blow out. Your garage or service mechanic should be trained and highly qualified to detect any potential problems your vehicle could face, replacing worn or damages parts before failure happens. Those Big Box Stores that do what they call “quick-service” scheduled oil changes are not equipped to uncover even the most common of problems a trained eye could detect. Be careful into believing your car is running at peak performance because the quick lube changed your oil and tried to sell you a fluid flush or air filter replacement part.

Why Muffler City Auto Repair?

Expert advice, coupled with factory trained mechanics holding ASE certifications and honest, affordable and reliable repairs. Servicing Jacksonville and the surrounding communities since 1995, first with expert costumed designed, fabricated and installed exhaust systems, then expanding their automotive services to include all general maintenance and repairs for foreign and domestic vehicles. Give them a call at 904-739-0091. Located at 4435 Sunbeam Road. Visit our website for a complete list of qualifications and services at

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