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Expectations When Hiring An Auto Repair Shop In Jacksonville

What Should You Expect from an Auto Repair Shop?

The old saying that “most auto repair shops are just about the same” is just not correct anymore in today’s sophisticated world. The days when you could open up the hood of an automobile and with a wrench and a screwdriver fix just about anything underneath are long gone. Replaced are those simple mechanical functions that were so easy to repair and replace by mankind’s ability to make engine and electrical products more responsive to our will by the way of the computer. Everything it seems has been replaced by the electrical circuit component and just about every mechanical device attached to a car has an electrical computerized feature. So as engine technology has advanced so have the technician who service them and the relationship between training, certification and system knowledge and the mechanic wielding a wrench and a tool had to advance too.

What Should your Mechanic Know?

Automobile mechanics have 2 distinct knowledge and training avenues they can employ to be advanced enough to work on most cars, foreign and domestic. Factory training and dealership employment is an invaluable experience not replicated by the average repair garage. Most auto mechanics employed at auto dealerships have to attend a continuing education courses on engine and electronic systems that have been newly developed and employed in the latest automobiles. They are required to attend classes and become certified in specific functions that in most cases are similar to many other automobile manufacturers. Time, energy, experience and money spent for these classes are invaluable tools for diagnosing, repairing and replacing worn and broken parts. Additionally, there is a mechanics certification called ASE Certified issued by The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence which are training courses offered to certify an automobile mechanic in all aspects of automotive repair. This certification is recognized as the premiere leader in course knowledge and equips mechanics with the knowledge to resolve most automotive issue. Many automobile dealerships require its mechanics to carry this ASE certification and by attending factory training’s, this make them a double threat when it comes to providing automotive repair excellence.

Automotive systems have become very complicated due the advancements made in computer miniaturization involving just about every automotive system right down to the tire pressure. Certain systems require traditional expert diagnosis involving Auto AC and Transmissions, but others like oil pressure, engine electronic systems, coolant levels and batteries have sensors that detect when levels are low or components are in failure operationally. It takes experienced mechanics, trained to use computer software to detail the system failures and present the proper remedy needed to put operations back to normal.

Why You Should Consider Muffler City Auto Repair?

Muffler City Auto Repair is a full-service repair facility with not one, but 2 ASE certified automobile mechanics. In addition to that premiere rating, our mechanics also have over 350 individual GM factory training certifications. Muffler City Auto Repair started off as a custom muffler fabrication shop and expanded our services to include everything automotive: from AC repair and transmissions to electrical and general preventative maintenance services. Since 1994 Muffler City Auto Repair has been offering complete automotive service for all makes and models, foreign and domestic manufacturers. Give us a call today for all your automotive needs at 904-739-0091. Let Ron Evans and his highly trained and certified staff get your car back on the road at affordable prices using only genuine replacement parts. Muffler City Auto Repair is a full service auto repair shop.

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