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Exhaust Service & Repair

Do you need your muffler repaired? Is your vehicle’s exhaust making noise or billowing smoke? Regardless of the issue our ASE certified technicians can diagnose the problem and fix it in no time. Muffler City Auto Repair provides exhaust services which include; custom exhaust fabrication, installation, service & repair. Your muffler not only reduces your vehicle’s noise it also assists with fuel efficiency and reduces pollution.

Common Exhaust Problems

  • Dip in fuel efficiency: Your car’s muffler lets your engine run at maximum efficiency, so when it starts going bad, you’ll notice your MPG dropping.
  • Noisy engine: The muffler’s most basic function, as its name suggests, is to mitigate the noise that comes from the engine. When things get noisy, it may be an indication your muffler is bad.
  • Exhaust fumes: Mufflers filter the engine’s noxious emissions and keep them from entering your car’s cabin, so if you begin smelling exhaust, it may be due to a failing muffler.

Custom Exhaust Shop in Jacksonville FL

If you are in the market, or after-market as it were, for a true, custom exhaust system, designed, fabricated and fitter to your vehicle, look no further. Many muffler and exhaust shops claim they can build unique custom exhaust systems but the proof is in the work performed and the number of satisfied customers enjoying the fruit of that labor. Some of the best designs, builds and installations available anywhere in the southeast comes from only one shop, Muffler City Auto Repair right here in Jacksonville Florida.

Since 1995, the most trusted name in custom exhaust system: repairing, replacing, fabricating, designing, testing and installing, exhaust systems for customers who take their cars and trucks seriously. Ron Evans, owner/operator of Muffler City starting his business with one thing in mind, to build the number one custom exhaust shop in the Southeast. As a certified licensed welder in MIG, TIG and ARC, making that dream a reality took hard work, experience and the ability to help our clientele make the proper choices when it can to the design, functionality and performance an exceptional custom exhaust system should provide. We not only add to the beauty and value of a vehicle, but to their performance as well.

Types of Custom Exhaust

Whether you’re looking to enhance the look or performance of a road vehicle or an off-road-racer, or just interested in making your special vehicle different from all the rest you have come to the right shop. Muffler City can help design that individual look to fit your special needs. There is nothing stock about an exhaust system created especially for you by one of our exhaust technicians. Together with JR, a master exhaust mechanic, with over 30 years’ experience in designing exhaust systems, we will listen to your requests and answer any questions you may have. From exotics wanting a unique look, to pick-up trucks needing that custom touch, the experts at Muffler City are ready to handle any job.

Some exhausts jobs don’t require a completely re-designed system, but we have the experience and expertise to resolve any issue, or design any custom work you require. Man, on a budget, no problem. We love to tackle the really inspired designs, from exotics and vintage cars, to smoke stacks that glisten behind the cab. We only use the finest materials available of aluminized and stainless steels, and we only sell products from the world’s leading manufacturers like MagnaFlow and Flowmaster.

Jacksonville Muffler Shop

At Muffler City Auto Repair our top priority is to make sure your vehicle is running at its optimal performance. Don’t just trust anyone with exhaust system repair and replacement. Our certified professionals have decades of experience with exhaust repair, replacement and custom fabrication. If you are in need of quality service to your exhaust system without breaking the bank call Muffler City Auto Repair today (904) 739-0091, and ask for JR or Ron and let us create something you can be proud of for years to come.

We are conveniently located near I-95, I-295 and 9A serving all of Duval, St John’s, and Clay County areas. Our reputation speaks for itself with satisfied customers from as far away as Tallahassee, Daytona and Savannah. Give us a call today at 904-739-0091 for a free estimate to make your custom exhaust dreams a reality.

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