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Driving in Jacksonville

Cars are Susceptible to More than Just Breakdowns

Jacksonville is a very large and densely populated city in the North Florida area. The city has many diverse cultures, neighborhoods, ethnic groups and citizens who live in close proximity to one another sharing our roads, shopping centers, churches and suburban towns and villages. Often times automotive owners make decisions on repair facilities based on their close proximity to their own home or work. Like any big city, Jacksonville has a tremendous amount of after-market, after-warrantee repair garages to choose from.  Additionally, many car owners rely on small box automotive quick-service shops to do general preventative maintenance but when their car, truck, pick-up truck or RV has diagnostic and repair issues they turn to automotive facilities that they believe best suits their needs. Jacksonville also has its fair share of problems including, urban blight, low income housing, unemployment, drug usage and unfortunately crime rates that rival the big cities of the north making it a very dangerous place to live, work, shop, congregate, explore and drive. Our newspaper headlines are full of many disturbing incidences daily, from car jackings at gun point to aggravated assault and road rage incidences. Driving your vehicle around town has developed into dealing with more than just road hazards, construction sites and vehicle breakdowns, but dangerous behaviors perpetrated by very dangerous and desperate people. According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles 400,000 car accidents occur in Florida each year. Those statistic are staggering when you consider our population but additionally, crimes that are taking place on our roadways is also alarming. The chance of one of our citizens being involved in a carjacking or having their car stolen is one in 367. These types of incidences occur every day in this city. Its sad to think that our biggest fear when leaving our houses and driving to work, school or shopping used to be, will our car get us from point A to B. Now we have to ask ourselves will we arrive home safely when the day is over. These added issues make keeping your vehicle in good mechanical condition to avoid facing issues of being stranded that could have been avoided.

Choosing the Right Auto Mechanic

Making decisions about your vehicles automotive care is important now, more than ever, so your vehicle is not prone to breakdowns leaving you stranded and at the mercy of anyone who happens to drive by. Muffler City Auto Repair is an automotive repair facility second to none. Ron Evans, owner/operator expanded his custom exhaust and muffler business many years ago into a complete automotive care garage. ASE Certified mechanics, holding over 350 factory certifications perform diagnostics, repairs and preventative maintenance on every aspect of your vehicle. We service all foreign and domestic cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, commercial vehicles and RV’s. From complete engine rebuilding, transmission repair, auto air conditioning, brakes, suspension, ignition, coolant and radiator systems to preventative maintenance including oil changes, automotive system flushing and of course the most extensive custom exhaust facility in North Florida. We also employ certified welders and can tackle any automotive job, repair and replace any defective part on your vehicle. Let Ron Evans and his chief mechanic, Scott Brown give you a price quote or call for an appointment at 904-739-0091. Stop by our facility at 4435 Sunbeam Rd. between San Jose Blvd and Philips Hwy (US1).  Visit our website AutoRepairJax.Com for a complete list of our services, qualifications and monthly specials. Muffler City Auto Repair is your one-stop-shop for all things related to your vehicle.

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