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If you are like most people finding the right auto repair shop after your manufacturers warrantee has expired is not an easy task. Most automobiles, trucks, SUV’s and even pick-up trucks today are designed with extremely sophisticated electronic systems requiring an automotive expertise not easily found in most auto repair shops. Additionally, many auto repair facilities don’t have the money to invest or the expertise to handle the computer systems needed to diagnose most repair issues. One of the best sources of automotive training that mechanics can receive is from working in major manufacturer dealerships. General Motors, (GM) is probably one of the best places to start because of the amount of different major brands that GM builds. Though the engine systems are similar and sometimes identical from brand to brand, the amount of experience it takes to work on the complete line up of products is something GM tries to train all its mechanics. Ford on the other hand, as the second largest domestic manufacturer does have similar training investments made in their mechanic staff. On the foreign side of automobile makers, Toyota, Lexus, and Mazda have similar standards set for mechanic certifications and automotive mechanics must master all of their individual system repair qualifications before being considered experts. But that is on the dealership side. What about the independent shops servicing Jacksonville and the surrounding communities, that is entirely another matter. We have found one repair shop that has a number of things going for it and it is central to the marketplace and even convenient to Orange Park, Fleming Island and northern St Johns County.

Muffler City Auto Repair is a general automotive repair facility specializing in custom exhausts and muffler replacement, design and installation, but that is just the beginning of their unique automotive repair offerings. Having two certified ASE mechanics on staff is just the start of their automotive training and expertise. Holding over 350 individual GM automotive certifications; everything from electronic systems diagnosis and repair, to complete engine rebuilding including cylinders, drive shafts, ignition and internal systems, to suspensions, front-end repairs, auto air conditioning, cooling system and brakes. Muffler City Auto Repair does it all and at affordable prices that can’t be beat. Need to have your vehicle winterized, no problem. Been putting off checking out your engine light warning that’s been on for 1500 miles, they’re here to help. From diagnosing your engines problems to performing required automotive maintenance, Muffler City Auto Repair can complete any job on all foreign and domestic cars, trucks, pick-up truck, commercial vehicles and SUV’s. In business with a fleet of vehicles that need general maintenance on a regular basis, our specialty.

What to Look for in an Automobile Repair Shop

First, start with a friendly phone call and describe the issues you are facing with your car. Ron Evans, owner/operator of Muffler City Auto Repair is an expert at asking the right question with over 35 years of automotive experience. He started his business designing custom exhaust and muffler systems for any engine and vehicle application. He was so successful that his clientele requested he start offering repair service and vehicle maintenance. Besides having an ASE certification, he knew who to hire to have the right team in place to work on any vehicle issue, foreign or domestic. Along with his chief, ASE certified master mechanic Scott Brown, who holds over 350 GM certifications, together with JR, his master pipe and custom exhaust design mechanic and a host of additional automotive techs, Muffler City Auto Repair is your one-stop-shop for all things automotive. Give them a call for your next scheduled vehicle maintenance or for questions about anything automotive, they will be glad to help. 904-739-0091 or visit them on the web at and check out their list of specials and services. Muffler City Auto Repair

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