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Custom Exhaust Mechanics in Jacksonville

Are There Any Quality Custom Exhaust Mechanics Around?

They say, every city has at least one good Italian restaurant in it, but that is not always the case when it comes to expert custom exhaust design and installation. Like many fabricated items, custom exhaust designs are only as good as the “mechanical artisan” who has the ability and experience to create them. Traditional muffler shops in most cases do not offer specialized design services like custom exhaust systems. The artisans that are capable of creating these unique products don’t work for companies like Midas or other big box automotive shops. They might have gotten some experience in them many years ago but all have moved on aspiring to do more; design higher quality and fabricate often-times different and unique designs. Today most of these artisans are employed in specialty, one-of-a-kind custom muffler and exhaust shops, and if you are lucky maybe once in a while those facilities might also provide general automotive repair. Such is the case with artisans like JR and Ron Evans. Since the early 90’s, Muffler City Auto Repair has been providing Jacksonville and the surrounding communities like Orange Park, St. Augustine and the Beaches with high quality, custom exhaust systems and complete automotive repair for cars, trucks, SUV’s. It takes imagination and skill to design a unique exhaust system that enhances the vehicles performance as well as its character and beauty.

Where Have all the Artisans Gone?

Ron Evans, owner and operator of Muffler City Auto Repair, together with his chief exhaust mechanic JR, have really provided the automotive enthusiasts of the North Florida area with something special. Have a Semi that needs special piping? Pick-up truck that has had suspension enhancements but now needs a one-of-a-kind custom exhaust. Want to take a car or other vehicle and dress up the look and performance that a factory exhaust system just can’t provide? Look no further. Muffler City Auto Repair does it all from its location on Sunbeam Rd, conveniently located near the juncture of I-95, I-295, Phillips Hwy/US-1 and St. Rd.13. We have created hundreds of custom designed, fabricated and installed exhaust systems for just about every type of vehicle made. We imagine the impossible and then we build it. We also finish where others have left off, meaning, repairing and replacing exhausts that just don’t work or were fabricated incorrectly. We have many different mufflers and accessory parts in-stock to choose from, including most of the industry’s leading manufacturers. But our specialty is bending pipes and creating that unique exhaust most shops only dream they could.

Complete Automotive Service

Dependable automotive service centers can be measured by the number of satisfied customers they have served and the reputation they have created over years of service. At Muffler City Auto Repair, we understand your car, truck or other vehicle is very important to you and we take special care in diagnosing and remedy whatever problem(s) exist. We also stand behind every automotive repair and service we provide. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied and with automotive repair facilities and garages going in and out of business all the time, knowing who to trust is half the battle. ASE certified mechanics holding over 350 factory repair certifications, and the most up-to-date electronic equipment available. Give Ron, Scott, JR or Stephanie a call for an appointment or just stop by and we will give you an idea of the repairs needed, all at an affordable and honest price. Better than factory/dealership service with personalized attention second to none. Call Muffler City Auto Repair today at 904-739-0091 or visit our website at…Complete automotive repair and maintenance that includes brakes, transmissions, exhausts and mufflers, auto AC repair, engine rebuild and exchanges, suspension, cooling systems, tire rotation, alignments, oil changes and much more. We service all foreign and domestic manufacturers, sports cars, vintage and luxury vehicles.

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