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Custom Exhaust Fabrication

Jacksonville Custom Exhaust Fabrication

The exhaust system of your automobile, truck, pick-up truck or SUV plays an important part in your cars performance. By allowing toxic particles, developed during combustion to leave the engine of the vehicle, two things occur simultaneously. One, removing the fumes keeps the driver and passengers safe from dangerous gases and two, removal of this engine byproduct ensures good fuel economy and a vehicle running more efficiently. But what is a custom exhaust system? According to Ron Evans, owner/operator of Muffler City Auto Repair, with over 30 years of custom exhaust fabrication work, custom built exhausts means a newly designed and fully fabricated system built and fitted to cars replacing the old to improve appearance and performance. Many auto makers look at exhaust systems as a minor engine system, paying no attention to long term durability and the impact these systems can have, other than adhering to emission standards. Most exhaust systems fitted to cars in the automakers world are made without regard to aesthetics and beauty. That is where custom exhaust system fabricators come in.

What Other Services Should Exhaust Shops be Proficient At

Most exhaust shops specialize in hand crafting and fitting custom exhausts, built from stainless steel for a wide range of vehicles and applications. This really is an art; to be able to design, fabricate and install something complete new to your vehicles under structure. Additionally, there are many types of mechanical improvements that can be made including upgrades in the standard suspension systems which will improve your vehicles handling and driving experience. These upgrades can really take a vehicle to the next level according to automotive experts. Most performance cars and sports cars have these ingredients already contained in their DNA, but passenger cars, pick-up trucks and the common auto do not. The really good custom exhaust and muffler shops specialize in all aspects of a cars exhaust, from engine mounting and truly fine design applications to meet any need, to pipe fabrication and repairs. But what about offering additional services that go hand and hand with keeping your vehicle in top condition.

Why Muffler City Auto Repair?

Having experts trained in all aspects of mechanical systems under one roof is not common in the traditional muffler and exhaust shop business. The big box stores like Midas and Goodyear don’t have it. ASE certified mechanics who possess the knowledge, training and experience to identify any problem, come up with the right solution and stand behind everything they do. Our expert mechanics can even increase the vehicles performance by re-tuning cars to increase power, fuel economy and help add performance. We are Jacksonville’s premiere automotive repair facility with helpful customer service and friendly automotive advice. We have an in-house performance team second to none and our custom exhaust fabrication shop can design any type of exhaust system you want installed on your vehicle. From full, back-box and cat-back to tailpipe styles and custom sound including sport, racetrack and loud. Give Ron Evans or Scott Brown, our chief mechanic a call today at Muffler City Auto Repair at 904-739-0091. Conveniently located at Sunbeam Road and Craven. .

We have an in house fabrication and installation team. All assembly is carried out in house using specialist fabrication machinery. With a variety of custom components we can design any type of exhaust system you want to any type of vehicle you want.

Our exhausts are tailored to give you complete choice and control on the type of system you want (full, catback and backbox), tailpipe style (oval, twin, slashcut etc) and sound (standard vehicle, sport, racetrack, loud).

We have helped design and build hundreds of custom exhausts to all types of vehicles.

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