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One thing is for sure. If you are looking for an experienced custom exhaust mechanic to design and fabricator your next custom exhaust, you have very limited choices here in Jacksonville. Many shops advertise they do custom exhausts but the reality is most are muffler shops with limited experience and design capabilities. It is one thing to fix a muffler problem or install extensions or exhaust tips, its entirely different to take an exhaust system and custom design and fabricate the product from scratch. Custom exhaust creations are a specialized field with few players capable of truly unique products. There is one name that stands out from the rest and that is Muffler City Auto Repair. Since 1995, Ron Evans and his expert staff have been creating some of Jacksonville’s most desired custom exhaust systems available anywhere in the south. JR, our master exhaust mechanic has almost 30 years designing and installing custom exhausts for just about every automotive application. Have a vintage car that is in need of a new exhaust system, no problem. Want to change out your factory exhaust with a performance enhancing product, our specialty. If you are in the market for a true, one-of-a-kind, custom exhaust system, designed and fabricated specifically for your vehicle, look no further. Many muffler shops claim they can build a unique exhaust system, but the proof is in the satisfied customers who keep coming back time after time. At Muffler City Auto Repair, we have the best designs, fabrications and installations available anywhere, all in one shop.  We have become the most trusted name in custom exhaust systems, repairing, replacing, fabricating, designing and installing exhaust systems for individuals who take their vehicles seriously. With so much invested in your car, truck or vintage automobile, having the number one custom exhaust shop in the southeast build your next exhaust system is important. We are certified licensed welders experienced in MIG, TIG and ARC welding techniques. We can make your dream a reality. It takes hard work, dedication to craft, experience and ability to design custom exhaust systems and we are up to the challenge. Our clients make the right choice when it can to choosing us to the design their custom exhaust system. We not only add beauty and value to a vehicle, but enhance performance as well.

Do-it Yourself Exhausts?

There are many “weekend mechanics” out there performing small tasks like changing oil fluids or replacing brake pads on their vehicles, but very few have the time, equipment and expertise to repair and replace exhausts. Even less have the capability of designing a completely new, custom exhaust system. Of all the unique service features available to be performed on a vehicle, constructing an exhaust system is an exhausting proposition. The designs have to take into consideration the initial design of the car, have to properly fit to the engine, removing gases caused by combustion and have the proper back fill pressure to efficiently distribute the exhaust correctly. Additionally, a custom exhaust system has to have symmetry, functionality and beauty. Anytime something is added to the structure of a car, light truck, recreational toy, etc. the design application has to fit perfectly. That takes skill the average laymen doesn’t have and experience and know how are what you are paying for when custom designs are required.  Muffler City Auto Repair is that company who builds affordable, unique and exceptional designed and engineered custom exhaust systems. Give them a call at 904-739-0091 for a free estimate on your next exhaust system. Let Ron and JR deliver their product knowledge, experience and expertise to fit your requirements and exceed your expectations. While you are there take advantage of our general automotive services performed by ASE certified mechanics that have over 350 factory certifications. We do more than just create great custom exhaust systems, by help prolong the life of your vehicle, keeping you on the road longer with the confidence you will not be left stranded. Muffler City Auto Repair has a satisfaction guarantee on all work performed. We have customers from all over Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Come see what makes us different than most automotive repair facilities.

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