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If you are like most consumers, whenever anything goes wrong with your vehicle; car, truck or SUV, the first question you ask yourself is who can I trust to give me an honest answer as to what’s wrong with my car and how much is this repair going to cost me? Unless you have a mechanic in the family or a neighborhood garage you’ve been going to for ages, you will probably shop around for the best bargain price and try to save as much money as possible. Big mistake. Looking for the best price and making a decision on price alone for vehicle repairs is not the best way to shop for automotive repair service. It’s not like buying a car, where the asking price is rarely the price that’s paid, or buying a commodity like a refrigerator, toaster or general appliance. Those items have a fixed cost and are non-negotiable.

When shopping for service, especially mechanical or automotive services, there are many different factors that can come into play. For instance, how long has the repair facility been doing business? What type of work do they specialize in? Do the technicians have any certifications or licenses? How long have the service techs been employed in the shop, and is there an online website displaying all their services and specialties’ they excel at? Last, but certainly as important as any other factor, are there reviews posted by actual customers attesting to the services that were performed and the value they received.

Price alone really isn’t a compelling reason to choose a vehicle repair facility. Today, most repair shop base their repair costs on the manufacturers guidelines governing the average time it takes to repair a specific mechanical issue, and many shops have similar, if not identical, cost per hour charges. So, what then should your decision be based on? Good Question. The biggest mistake many consumers make is choosing a repair shop because their initial price quote might be less than someone else’s. Many shops unfortunately have what are called “predatorial behaviors”. Mechanics quoting a price that doesn’t include all of the cost to repair the vehicle correctly. Or, shops trying to find as many issues wrong with the vehicle as possible, to increase the bill or just fabricate services that are not warranted yet, but might be in the distant future. You can see this in the “Small Box Quick Lube Shops”, that hire untrained, minimum hour employees who make recommendations for items not necessarily needed like fluid flushes, or air filter exchanges before their scheduled replacement.

Who Can You Trust

It is very difficult to compare one service businesses repair practices with another. For instance, if a brake job is needed does the quote given only include brake pads, versus replacing both pads and rotors? If the car has not been inspected and a price has been asked, does the shop give a general ball park costs or specific prices for services that “might” be needed. Is the shop using the manufacturer’s suggested replacement parts or cheaper, less inexpensive aftermarket parts?  Does the shop give specific details on what steps might be taken to fix a problem? Does the repair facility give choices on different replacement products, like Bendix brake pads or high quality synthetic motor oils? Different products have different values and prices?

According to Ron Evans, an ASE Certified Mechanic and owner of Muffler City Auto Repair since 1994, says you have to see the car and determine the extent of the damage before giving a final price for services. If the customer just wants a price for a particular part replacement, Ron asks specific questions to get an idea of the extent of the repairs needed before giving a price. The only thing worse than overcharging for a particular service is not fixing the vehicle correctly to begin with according to Ron. Additionally, does the Jacksonville auto repair shop offer a warranty for all services rendered. That’s very important according to Ron, “that the repair shop stands behind every repair they make and offers a guarantee that the repairs were done correctly and the products or replacement parts that were charged for, were actually used”.

The general rule of thumb for repair shops is that if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Consumers usually get what they pay for in the long run. Have you ever gone into a repair shop to fix one problem and many more suddenly appear?  Having your car repaired at multiple shops can be a real problem because it may be difficult to place blame if something else goes wrong.

The Best Answer for Getting your Vehicle Repaired

If you own a car, truck, SUV or any other vehicle, you should know the importance of finding a repair facility you can trust to fix all your mechanical issues and provide general preventative maintenance services. If something goes wrong with the repair, within the warranted time frames, the facility should repair the issue at no additional cost. Secondly, finding a shop with a loyal customer following is as important as buying any product for the right price and value. Muffler City Auto Repair is just such a shop, with honest, experienced, factory trained mechanics that offer state-of the-art diagnostics and repairs on all foreign and domestic vehicles. We are conveniently located on Sunbeam Road, near I-95 and the I-295 interchange in Jacksonville Florida. We specialize in all repairs and maintenance services and have a reputation for fair pricing and affordable services. We started off as a custom muffler and exhaust shop but our customers were so impressed with our services, we expanded to include all aspects of general automotive repairs. Today we have 1000’s of satisfied customers and their families, including some 3rd generation customers and a loyal following from as far away as Lake City and Savannah Georgia.

Our advice to any car owner is to find the right repair shop, offering the right services for the right price and make friends with them for life. You will be glad you did.

Muffler City Auto Repair…. Call us at 904-739-0091.

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