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Auto Repair Near Me

One of the most important issues to many consumers today is having a trustworthy and competent auto repair mechanics close to home or work. Many times, this is difficult to accomplish because so many auto repair garages don’t invest in having certified and specialized technicians with the training and experience to work on a full…

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Jacksonville Custom Exhaust Specialists

Florida legislation governing Exhaust Systems Florida passed a Florida Motor Vehicle Noise Prevention and Environment Control Act in 1974, legislation intent on creating limits to the amount of noise motor vehicles could emanate. That same year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created noise standards for all newly manufactured automobiles, and truck manufacturers attempting to reduce…

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Auto AC Repair Facilities

Has this ever happened to you? You are driving along, maybe the first really warm day of spring and you go to switch on your car’s air conditioning to get cooled off and poof, no cold air. Bummer. What could be worse than a car who’s auto ac is on the brink and you happen…

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When Should I Take My Car To An Auto Mechanic?

One of the hardest things to determine is when your car, truck, pick-up truck, commercial vehicle or RV, needs to have a certified mechanic review your car’s performance or just let sleeping dogs lie as they say. The car seems to be running a little rough, but it starts and the brakes work pretty well,…

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