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Why Schedule Brake Maintenance?

brake failure

Let’s talk about your vehicle’s brakes. Yes, it’s a lackluster topic but brakes are essential to safe driving. Think about it. How many stop signs and red lights are on your daily commute?  Do you drive frequently in stop and go traffic? Driving in Jacksonville, stop and go traffic is unavoidable. Unfortunately, brakes do not…

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Automobile Repair Financing

It is hard to find an auto repair shop that offers financing like Muffler City Auto Repair. We recently upgraded our system to offer our customers the best financing on the market. It is quick and easy to process with no paperwork required. Customers answer simple questions privately and receive approval with little to no…

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Springtime Auto Tune-Ups

This is a good time of the year to get started taking care of all those unfinished projects you never quite got around to over the winter months. Automobiles are especially vulnerable if left unattended on routine preventative maintenance measures to ensure your vehicle is ready for the hot summer months just around the corner.…

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Vehicle Maintenance Specials

Look for those Fall and Winter Blowout Specials If you are like most people fall means so much more than just getting the kids off to school or dealing with increased traffic jams after the summer vacation months. Those little seasonal changes can become quite a drastic departure from the routine that summers often bring…

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Vehicle Maintenance Is A Must

Good Time for Vehicle Maintenance Springtime is really starting to heat up here in Jacksonville and all over the south and now is good time to get you auto; car, truck, pick-up truck, commercial vehicle or RV serviced. For most owners knowing the proper time to have routine maintenance performed is not the problem, having…

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Springtime Cleanup Can Also Include your Vehicle

Springtime in Florida, what a pleasant time to clean out that old garage, throwaway all those unwanted articles or get your property ready for a hot and humid summer. Springtime in Florida can also mean getting to the vehicle repairs you’ve been putting off for most of the winter months. And what a good time…

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Maintenance Service From A Pro

Oil Change Service every 3,750-5000 Miles You should never just have your oil change without an expert mechanic looking over your vehicle with a fine-tooth comb. Getting your oil changed is a very important part of keeping your engine running in tip top shape and should be part of an overall regular preventive maintenance program. Having the…

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