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Jacksonville Custom Exhaust Specialists

One of the last, after-market automotive services still being practiced today is the art of custom exhausts systems. Before emissions controls and air quality standards were established, most automobiles had very basic muffler and exhaust systems offerings. Tail pipe bending and custom exhaust specialists were all the rage for many years. From California to Vermont,…

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Custom Exhaust Fabrication

Jacksonville Custom Exhaust Fabrication The exhaust system of your automobile, truck, pick-up truck or SUV plays an important part in your cars performance. By allowing toxic particles, developed during combustion to leave the engine of the vehicle, two things occur simultaneously. One, removing the fumes keeps the driver and passengers safe from dangerous gases and…

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Custom Exhaust Experts

Custom Exhausts One thing is for sure. If you are looking for an experienced custom exhaust mechanic to design and fabricator your next custom exhaust, you have very limited choices here in Jacksonville. Many shops advertise they do custom exhausts but the reality is most are muffler shops with limited experience and design capabilities. It…

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Custom Exhaust Mechanics in Jacksonville

Are There Any Quality Custom Exhaust Mechanics Around? They say, every city has at least one good Italian restaurant in it, but that is not always the case when it comes to expert custom exhaust design and installation. Like many fabricated items, custom exhaust designs are only as good as the “mechanical artisan” who has…

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Custom Exhaust Shops

Custom Exhaust Shop in Jacksonville Most consumers who are looking for that one-of-a-kind muffler and custom exhaust shop to design, fabricate and install an exhaust system, that expresses who you really are might have a hard time finding the right source. Not every town and some big cities, especially in the south, don’t really have…

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Jacksonville Custom Exhausts

History of legislation governing Exhaust and Muffler Installation According to the State of Florida Statutes, 403.415 under Title XXIX, Public Health, Environmental Control, Florida passed a Florida Motor Vehicle Noise Prevention and Control Act of 1974. The legislative intent of the law created was to improve the quality of life in the state by limiting…

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