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Why Schedule Brake Maintenance?

brake failure

Let’s talk about your vehicle’s brakes. Yes, it’s a lackluster topic but brakes are essential to safe driving. Think about it. How many stop signs and red lights are on your daily commute?  Do you drive frequently in stop and go traffic? Driving in Jacksonville, stop and go traffic is unavoidable. Unfortunately, brakes do not…

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Automobile Repair Financing

It is hard to find an auto repair shop that offers financing like Muffler City Auto Repair. We recently upgraded our system to offer our customers the best financing on the market. It is quick and easy to process with no paperwork required. Customers answer simple questions privately and receive approval with little to no…

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Jacksonville Brake Specialists

It’s not surprising that of all the parts on a car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle no other component is as important as are the brakes. Even for vehicles that are not in running condition, brakes are an essential factor when moving, transporting or repairing a vehicle because nothing else on a car provides the…

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