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Buying Damaged Cars from Texas

Purchasing Damaged Cars

Used car buyers today need to be extremely careful when purchasing a used car on the open market. It is estimated that over 500,000 cars, SUV’s and pick-up trucks were damaged by flood waters in the Houston area last month and that many will make their way on to the open market as reliable used cars by unscrupulous sellers. Thousands of cars have already been turned into salvage yards, being totaled by insurance companies. These damaged cars should end up being used as scrap or as used parts inventory but undoubtedly many will re-enter the used car marketplace in different parts of the country. There are many tell tailed signs of a car that was damaged by flood waters and should be declared a total loss. First, inspect the used car for any signs of water damage, water collected under the hood in places where water can become trapped, in tail pipes, in the trunk, in wheel wells or under seats, etc. Most cars damaged by flooding water will develop an unusual smell, mold or discoloration on metal surfaces. Next inspect the car for additional wear or use and look to see if the carpet has been recently replaced. Most used cars never have their original carpet removed and replaced. Have a certified mechanic inspect the car to see if there are signs only a trained eye could uncover. Have the vehicle identification number or VIN checked against Carfax to see if any damage was reported. Always be careful when buying a cheap used car. If the price seems to be too good to be true or the pricing is well below used car book value be suspicious.  Low prices don’t always mean the car is not in good condition but if it seems like a great deal it probably isn’t. If you are suspicious for any reason walk away. One good rule of thumb is to only buy a used car from a dealership or reputable used car lot that has lots of experience and a good reputation. Check the automobile company out on Google reviews to see if they have had any recent complaints. Muffler City Auto Repair has certified mechanics who will be glad to inspect any used car for a potential buyer. Their ASE certified mechanics know exactly what to look for in the case of flood damaged vehicles.

Why Choose Muffler City Auto Repair?

There are many automotive repair facilities in the Jacksonville Florida area to choose from. Many independent garages and also “big box” stores like Goodyear and Midas who have expanded their original auto service offerings to include general auto repair. But, not many automotive repair facilities employee certified ASE Mechanics with the knowledge and experience Muffler City Auto Repair enjoys. We have factory trained mechanics holding over 350 manufacturers certifications in all aspects of automotive repairs. From front-ends to transmissions and everything in between. Our certified mechanics have the equipment to diagnose and repair any mechanical problem your car, truck of SUV is suffering from. We work on all foreign and domestic vehicles, exotics and classic cars. Our custom exhaust design, fabrication and installation is second to none. We have customers from as far away as Tallahassee and Charleston and have been in the same location since 1995. Let Ron Evans and his team of experts show you what a difference we can make when it comes to servicing and repairing your vehicle. Give us a call at 904-739-0091 or visit our website at for a complete list of our qualifications, experience and service performed.

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