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Brake Service & Repair Shop in Jacksonville, FL

At Muffler City Auto Repair, we understand your brakes play a vital and important role in keeping you and your passengers safe while operating your vehicle. Being able to stop your car, truck or SUV on a dime can only be achieved if your brakes are kept in perfect condition. It is imperative your brakes are properly maintained so that your vehicle operates safely, especially in an emergency. Additionally, well maintained brakes that are serviced properly last longer and reduce the need for costly replacement and repairs. Braking systems are probably the most important automotive system a vehicle in motion needs to work properly and at Muffler City Auto Repair we inspect the brakes at every service interval. That is how important it is to have your brakes working at their optimum level. If you notice anything wrong concerning your braking system, from pulling to the left or right when applied, noise or squeaks when braking or just a feeling something out of the ordinary is not right, contact Muffler City Auto Repair immediately. A full brake inspection is one of the simplest functions an automotive service facility can fulfill and one of the most important.

Call us today for a full vehicle inspection. We have been Jacksonville’s premier Brake Repair Shop for over 20 years. Our ASE certified master mechanics have the experience and expertise to fix any brake repair issue or any automotive issue for that matter. Do not leave this vital automotive system up to an inexperienced, “quick-fix brake shop”. They offer to replace your brakes at what they consider to be a cheap price, but to maintain, monitor and repair this vital automotive function, that should not be left up to amateurs. We offer complete brake service on all foreign and domestic cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, SUV’s, sports cars and exotics, performed by expert mechanics at affordable prices.

Commonly Performed Brake Repair & Replacement Services

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