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Navigating a digital world of marketing is hard. That is the truth. Everyone, competitor and customer alike are on the world wide web in some capacity. Think about how many searches you make a day. More than likely, this is a google search. Have you ever noticed when you pull up the SERP(search engine result page) that you have websites and videos…usually YouTube?

There are three reasons YouTube is so popular:

  • Google owns YouTube. As soon as they became a thing back in 2005, google noticed and purchased them in 2006. That’s 14 years of video library!
  • They are a search engine driven platform. I dare say, you can find any topic on YouTube. We use it so much for how to videos, it’s bookmarked.
  • That leads us to the third reason. The audience is beyond huge. YouTube is the third most visited site behind google and facebook. This might be reason one actually….huge audience.

 Marketing is always about getting in a lane that is popular. Aiming for an audience and a venue that fits the business is a vital part of marketing.

 Muffler City decided to join the YouTube world. YouTube is the perfect place to post videos of mufflers and different sounds. These mufflers and sounds are all vehicles we have serviced in our local auto shop. We install a variety of exhaust systems chosen by customers consulting with our experts.

Fun fact – The first YouTube video, titled Me at the zoo, was uploaded on April 23, 2005, and shows co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo.

Why do you care if Muffler City has a YouTube channel? It is a way to actually show potential customers a sound. We perform all types of auto repair, anything you need. We also have over 30 years experience with exhausts, mufflers, and custom pipe bending. We enjoy when someone comes to the shop and wanting a specific sound for their vehicle!

Bonus: We will feature your ride on our YouTube and post it on our social media. Let us know and we can tag you! Like these customers here.

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