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One of the hardest decisions that most people are called upon to make about their cars, trucks, pick-up trucks or SUV’s is what auto repair facility can be trusted enough to do the repair job right the first time, and do it at the right price. Because of the number of used cars being kept after their warranty has expired or sold used without a warranty, auto repair garages are springing up everywhere. One of the largest industries serving the American economy is the sale of used vehicles and the repair facilities that exist to support them. Americans are a very independent group of people and owning a car is a big part of their culture and interest. Servicing those cars properly is what Muffler City Auto Repair is all about. We have seen it all, from cars with good maintenance records to those that have been neglected and are in need of immediate repair. We specialize in every type of engine and vehicle repair and regularly scheduled maintenance is the course we try and set every customer on to kept their prize possessions running at peak performance. Muffler City Auto Repair has been called a “one stop shop” for every foreign and domestic vehicle repair.

Regardless of the service issue your car is in need of, our ASE-certified mechanics are professionally trained and experienced to get your vehicle back on the road quickly, and at the right price. We pride ourselves on having a proven track record of providing the right service at a fair price that keeps our customers coming back time after time. With our “100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee” Muffler City Auto Repair will ensure you’ll get the proper automotive repair job, performed right, and at a competitive price. All our replacement parts are “Name Brands” and of superior quality and we will always provide you with a detailed estimate of the work and materials necessary to repair whatever is ailing your vehicle. We can even provide it in writing before any work is done if you wish. Call Ron Evans, owner/operator or Scott Brown, chief mechanic at 904-739-0091 to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you may have. Visiting our website is also a great way to view our services and get to know our staff of service professionals and to request more information if you wish.

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