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The Automotive Industry: The Year Ahead

In the news, the world automotive industry will finish 2017 with 17.1 million new cars sold in the United States. This means that for the first time in seven straight years of increased car demands, the automakers are experiencing their first decline. Though 2018 looks promising according to industry experts and as an expected banner year unfolds with the US economy doing well and republican tax credits and rebates that might create an opportunity for consumers to spend those dollars on new cars. SUV’s and pick-up trucks top the list of the most in-demand products sold, but automakers are expected to continue rebates and incentives to buy that were introduced in the 2017, 3rd quarter. Those 2017 inventories are still waning and many dealerships are concerned over having larger cross-over year inventories. One reason why new car sales are down, is that US consumers are holding onto their automobile longer because these vehicles are being made better, having less repair problems and many feel the newer models don’t offer anything significantly different then their current models. Independent garages and repair facilities are expected to get a boast also as these older models are coming out of warrantee and consumers look for repairs and preventative maintenance to be performed by these independent shops. Ron Evans, owner/operator of Muffler City Auto Repair says they experienced a record year in 2017 and look forward to an even better one in 2018. “We believe our services are by far and away the best money can buy and our rates are both affordable and fair, according to Ron. “I have expanded my repair facility because of the services we offer and the customer demands we are experiencing. Having ASE Certified mechanics holding over 350 manufacturers certifications has allowed us to correctly diagnose a vehicles problem and make the necessary repairs in short order. Even our preventative maintenance services like periodic oil changes, auto air conditioning services, brake repairs and even fluid replacement has seen a steady increase.

Will the Electric Car Market affect Independent Garages?

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular but according to industry analysts, electric cars only make up for about .5% of all new car sales in the US. Some of the main reasons is that electric cars are still quite expensive to buy and have perceived draw backs. Long trips with uncertain charging station availability leads the list.   Many consumers enjoy the zero emissions these cars produce but there still linger environmental concerns over the manufacturing of the batteries these vehicles need to perform at their current levels. Interestingly enough, except for Tesla, automobile manufacturers who offer electric cars are doing so at a loss. They believe that the European markets will provide a substantial opportunity as consumers there are switching over from diesel-powered cars to electric power at a fast pace. Many US consumers believer the technology is gaining strength and prices on electric vehicles will come down. Ron Evans also believes that independent service centers like Muffler City Auto Repair will still provide automotive service to the electric vehicles in many ways. Brakes, electronic ignition, battery replacement and suspension repairs are all services these new vehicles will need in the future. I believe that the electric cars will change our automotive repair model to some degree, but US consumers will still own and drive traditional gas and diesel vehicles well into this century. Muffler City Auto Repair will be there to see it and respond to the challenges as they occur”.

How do You Choose an Auto Repair Shop in Jacksonville FL

The best way to choose the right auto repair shop in Jacksonville Florida is to first one, review their credentials on their website on the internet. Second, make a call or visit and ask for the chief mechanic or in-house-owner if there is one about their products and services they provide. How long has the garage been in existence and do they have long standing technicians and employees. Also, are they ASE Certified Mechanics and do they have any manufacturers training from GM, Ford, Toyota or any other foreign or domestic retailer. Can they work on all aspects of the vehicle including transmissions, engine rebuilding, brakes, auto air conditioning, coolant and ignition systems, and perform general and preventative maintenance service? Do they have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and stand behind their work? Muffler City Auto Repair can answer everyone of these questions in the affirmative: Yes we do, and Yes we can. Give Ron Evans or Scott Brown/chief mechanic a call at 904-739-0091 for an appointment and let us show you what makes Muffler City Auto Repair different. For a complete list of our services and credentials visit our website at

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