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Automobile Repair and Service

Auto Repair and Service

If you are having an issue with your car, truck or SUV you need to seek the advice and service from an experienced, reputable auto repair shop or garage. Most aftermarket or post warrantee work is performed by either small independent shops or by “big box” franchise stores who have expanded their core service offerings. Such is the case with Goodyear and Midas; stores who started their business model offerings with one specific service like tire sales or mufflers repair and replacement. Today these same shops have branched out into general auto repair. Even specific maintenance stores like quick oil change shops are now offering expanded services like transmission and brake flushing, and radiator service. Most of these “automotive repair facilities” are manned by minimum wage workers not full trained to trouble-shoot even the most common repair issues, let alone offer repair services. Sometimes more damage is done to the vehicles themselves just by having a poorly trained, inexperienced individual having access to your car or truck. Many automobile owners have learned this lesson the hard way when they discover that the oil pan is leaking or the engine light comes on after a service, that was intended to save them time and money.

Specialized Doesn’t Always Mean Better

It’s scary to think that repair shops, who specialize in one specific service means they are experts even in that product offering. Like brake service companies who in many cases have limited resources to fix some high-end car manufacturers, leaving consumers no choice but to go back to the dealership for maintenance and repairs. Many garages are just not equipped to diagnose complex automotive issues in today’s modern vehicles.  Computers have changed the face of the entire automotive industry; everything from detecting a problem, to being able to identify the specific cause of an automotive issue and offering a remedy. Having the right electronic equipment and the right personnel who are properly trained technicians to solve and fix engine problems is what it’s all about.

Why Muffler City Auto Repair?

At Muffler City Auto Repair, we see it all the time. Customers who thought they were getting a good deal, having someone try and fix their vehicle because the price seemed right. Many times, the repairs that were done didn’t solve the problem and after no continued success trying to fix the vehicle, the owner was left having to find another repair shop to solve the problem. We call it doing it right the first time. It all starts off with finding a repair facility who has the know-how and expertise to identify what ailing your car and then the ability and experience to fix it. Our ASE certified mechanics have over 50 years of automotive experience, holding over 350 different automotive factory certifications. We repair all types of foreign and domestic cars, trucks, SUV’s and really anything with an engine, drive train and wheels. Ron Evans, owner/operator, Scott, JR and Angel are professional mechanics who have spent a lifetime fixing leaks, seals, transmissions, timing, auto air conditioners, struts, wheels, exhausts, cooling systems, brakes and every other component on a car, too long to mention here. We pride ourselves on being in business and in the same location for almost 25 years. Certified ASE mechanics you can trust your cars maintenance and performance to. We also specialize in custom exhaust systems and have a full-time mechanic who designs, fabricates and installs some of the best exhaust systems found anywhere. Give us a call today at 904 739 0091, Emergency service or just in need of some tender loving care for your vehicle to perform at is optimum level, we are here for you.

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