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Automobile Repair Financing

It is hard to find an auto repair shop that offers financing like Muffler City Auto Repair. We recently upgraded our system to offer our customers the best financing on the market. It is quick and easy to process with no paperwork required. Customers answer simple questions privately and receive approval with little to no wait.

Our automotive payment processing solution is able to handle more than necessary loans. The system accepts automotive finance cards such as Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Synchrony cards. You can learn more about automotive finance cards on the Synchrony site.

Our new system also accepts fleet cards like Voyager, Fuelman, FleetOne, and Visa Fleet cards. These card options make it easier to service individual customers and businesses needing automotive repairs of all types.

Cars on the highway

Your vehicle is an essential part of your everyday life whether it be commute to a job, school drop off lines, or work transportation. It can be detrimental when a repair is necessary to get your car back on the road. Muffler City evaluates vehicle needs and offers customers reasonable, competitive repair estimates. Sometimes major parts and labor are required to perform the automotive repairs. These repairs can get rather costly, beyond a customer’s readily available funds. These costly repairs are why Muffler City offers an automotive financing solution.

For more information on the financing options offered by Muffler City Auto Repair, call us at 904-739-0091 or just stop by our office at 4435 Sunbeam Road. We will gladly discuss your needed repairs with you and get your vehicle back on the road.

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