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The beauty of using text messaging solves two issues we run in to in our work schedule daily. Besides trying to juggle and think about several work tasks at once, we also have a life to manage.

If you are like me, I have to write down or complete a thought when it crosses my mind. Text works great for a quick comment when I need to remind my son to take out the trash or ask my mom what to bring to dinner Friday night.

A lot of time during the work day, there is just not the time or place for a phone call. Maybe your environment is too loud or even too quiet to carry on a conversation. Text messaging gives you the ability to communicate without everyone around you involved.

A Google My Business account gives us the capability to text with our customers. Muffler City will reply to any message within the day if not sooner. Just click the button on your phone and send us a message to help you with any car issues that need addressed.

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Visit our Google My Business to start messaging with Muffler City! RequestAQuote to contact us.

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