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Ever wonder why so many auto repair shops exist in one marketplace. It’s because there are so many out-of-warranty cars on the road today. Don’t get me wrong, sure the automobile industry is selling a lot of new cars each and every month. Domestic and foreign car manufacturers have extensive inventories of cars to fit just about every budget. From small economy cars and light trucks to sedans and expensive, highly sophisticated electronic marvels. The technological, automotive industrial age is truly upon us. And most of these vehicles are built to withstand tremendous wear and tear the majority of time, ending up becoming good used cars, added to an already crowded car market. After the warranties run out, the majority of these cars no long are serviced at the dealership for numerous reasons. The domestic, American Automotive Dealership network is fast becoming a service beacon for cars under warranty only and are losing valuable customers when those warranty ties are completed. Foreign Dealerships like Porsche, Mercedes, Infinity, and Lexus are doing a much better job retaining after-warranty service customers, due to a number of factors including dealer satisfaction ratings and limited repairs being performed while under warranty. But the cars coming off warranty are causing a glut of older cars being thrown onto the repair and service market, fueling independent garages, repair and service facilities. This is causing the influx of more and more specialty shops springing up just about everywhere. Even automotive body shops, once only offering collision and body repair and painting are now in the business of performing general automotive service. Wow. Who can you really trust to service and repair vehicles properly is becoming the $65,000-dollar question.

Muffler City Auto Repair is a one-stop automotive repair shop uniquely qualified to complete any auto repair on any vehicle, domestic and foreign. Certified ASE mechanics with the experience and qualifications to perform the automotive repairs for auto ac repair, transmission repair, brakes, suspension, engine rebuilding, custom exhaust and muffler repair, and much, much more.

Who Can You Trust when it comes to Car Repair and Service?

Protecting one of the biggest investments most of us make is sometimes a hard decision. We rely so much on our cars, trucks or SUV’s that we drive every day to work, play, take the kids to school etc… Most of us take for granted a well running vehicle but when things go wrong how many of us really have an honest, reliable garage we can take our vehicles to and know we are getting the best service and repair at the best price, performed by the best mechanics. I see it every day, people getting taken advantage of because they know as much about fixing a broken-down car as they do about delivering a baby, nothing. All of these choices to choose from when it comes to car repair and no one to guide us in the right direction. Here are some simple rules when it comes to choosing the right repair facility for your vehicle.

  1. Check out the reviews performed online and see what is being said about their performance.
  2. Call and speak to the owner and if the owner is not available, the manager and ask questions about the shop, their mechanics certifications and ratings.
  3. Review their website for information about their services, certifications and qualifications.
  4. Have your car serviced first, like an oil change, tire rotation etc. before committing your car to an expensive repair.
  5. Very important. When waiting in the shop ask other patrons about their service and how long they have been going to the shop. This will give you a good indication whether they are the right repair facility for you.

Why Choose Muffler City Auto Repair?

Ron Evans, owner and operator of Muffler City Auto Repair has been in the automotive repair business for over 30 years. He expanded Muffler City’s services to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for automotive services. Hiring ASE Certified mechanics with over 350 GM certifications enables Muffler City Auto Repair to complete any kind of automotive repair and service for all foreign and domestic manufacturers. Since 1995 they have been in the same location on Sunbeam Rd, right here in Jacksonville Florida. So, if you are in the market for a reliable and honest automotive repair facility, look no further. Give us a call for your next required servicing at 904-739-0091. We will be glad to give your car our 10-point inspection service and keep you on the road and hassle free. Or visit our website at for a complete list of our qualifications and services offered.

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