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Auto Repair New Year Resolutions

Every year around this time, on or before the clock starts ticking towards the new year, many people begin thinking about what they would like to change about themselves or what they would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. These goals or personal revelations often come in the form of a resolution or promise to themselves that they will be diligent and not only commit too, but accomplish what they set out to achieve. Lose weight, stop smoking, paint the house, get the car back in shape, be kinder to co-workers, save money, all have value but unfortunately, resolutions that can easily be realized, are more often times forgotten. Personal improvements are probably our most important goals, but other put-off-tasks, like painting the house or getting the car repaired or serviced can have money savings ramifications and lasting value, long after the jobs have been completed. Those of us who are more diligent about our commitments and responsibilities usually take care of the business at hand and don’t make New Year resolutions. But setting out to accomplish things left undone is a virtuous undertaking that many people want to accomplish. Take getting your automobile properly serviced or having an issue corrected like squeaky brakes or worn tires. These are simple tasks that can be accomplished with a modicum amount of effort and cost and is a valuable resolution to commit one’s self to. Well maintained automobiles perform better, cost less to maintain and are safer to drive.  

If you have been putting off getting that oil change or tire rotation, engine knocking noise or muffler exhaust emission leak, now is the best time to get your vehicle inspected, serviced and repaired by a professional mechanic ready to assist you. Has your vehicle reached that point of an expired warrantee and are you looking for a quality garage to keep your precious vehicle in excellent running and performing condition. Now is the time to move up to an independent, certified automotive facility. Muffler City Auto Repair is a full-service automotive garage performing work on all foreign and domestic cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, commercial vehicles and RV’s. With ASE Certified Mechanics on staff, no preventative maintenance service or computer diagnosis is beyond our reach. We provide technical service and repair on all engine and automotive systems including: brakes, emission, ignition, coolant, electronic, exhaust, transmission, auto air conditioning, suspension, engine replacement and routine preventative maintenance service.

Why Choose Muffler City Auto Repair!

With literally dozens of auto repair facilities in and around Jacksonville to choose from, what makes Muffler City Auto Repair so special. Locally owned, professionally trained, employing certified mechanics with years of factory training and automotive certifications. Ron Evans, owner/operator started Muffler City over 20 years ago to repaired, replaced, design and fabricated custom exhaust systems for every type of vehicle imaginable. Having hundreds of satisfied customers, Ron expanded his automotive offerings to include mechanical services on every engine system. Together with his chief mechanic, ASE Certified Mechanic Scott Brown they employ fully trained service personal to review, inspect, diagnose and repair any problem your vehicle is experiencing. Muffler City Auto Repair is a licensed and insured automotive care garage that provides honest, affordable and reliable service. We are located at 4435 Sunbeam Rd. between US 1 (Philips hwy.) and St. Rd. 13 (San Jose Blvd) Open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. We take all major credit cards and we are only a phone call away to discuss your automotive problem. Give us a call at 904-739-0091 for a free consultation. Appointments are available or just stop in and we will be glad to help you!

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