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One of the most important issues to many consumers today is having a trustworthy and competent auto repair mechanics close to home or work. Many times, this is difficult to accomplish because so many auto repair garages don’t invest in having certified and specialized technicians with the training and experience to work on a full range of automobiles. With so many different types of manufacturers available today, both foreign and domestic, many automotive facilities only specialize in a limited number of vehicle types like BMW or Porsche and some only offer specific services like auto electric or auto air conditioning service. Secondly, owning and efficiently running a full-service automotive garage, offering complete automotive services for a multitude of vehicle types and manufacturers is an expensive proposition. Having the necessary tools, diagnostic equipment, resources and manpower with the experience and training able to properly troubleshooting an issue and perform repair services is the challenge. Additionally, finding the right certified mechanics able to facilitate these services is getting more and more difficult because many of those younger, trade-oriented adults are choosing clean services over labor-intensive, dirt and grimy automotive work. There is some generational succession training, of kids following in the footprint of their fathers but most of those individuals available are few and far between. No, finding the right full-service repair garage that works on a full array of vehicles including cars, trucks, commercial trucks and RV’s, within close proximity to where you live or work in Jacksonville is becoming harder and harder to find.

Enter Muffler City Auto Repair Garage

If you are looking for a competent and trustworthy full-service automotive garage, complete with on-premise owner oversight and ASE Certified Mechanics holding over 350 factory certified trainings on all types of automotive systems look no further than 4435 Sunbeam Road in Jacksonville Florida. That address has been the headquarters of Muffler City Auto Repair for over 20 years. Muffler City Auto Repair started off as a muffler and custom exhaust facility that serviced an entire generation of automobiles, whose owners wanted specific work performed to their cars that were unique, performance enhancing and different. Ron Evans, owner/operator started Muffler City with a background in pipe bending, ARC, TIG and MIG welding and experience working will all different types of automotive exhaust applications. Today those services are still being performed and offered by an experienced custom exhaust technician named JR who has been employed by Muffler City Auto Repair for years. His unique product and custom offerings are locally renowned, with customers even coming from as far away as Georgia and Central Florida. Today, the service and repair offerings of Muffler City have changed to a full-service automotive garage working on every type of foreign and domestic vehicle including cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, light commercial vehicles and RV’s. Many Jacksonville auto repair garages can’t offer this level of preventative maintenance and repair services housed under one roof. Muffler City Auto Repair specializes in the repair and service on every automotive system including auto air conditioning, auto electric service, brakes, coolant and radiator service, engine rebuilding, exhaust and muffler service, transmissions, suspension and general preventative maintenance services to name just a few. Ron, together with his chief mechanic Scott Brown, oversee a group of talented mechanics ready and able to diagnose and repair any issue your vehicle is experiencing. Muffler City Auto Repair has carved out a niche of services and satisfied customers who trust that their vehicles will receive the correct, manufacturers recommended service at affordable prices. Give them a call at 904-739-0091 for an appointment or visit our conveniently located garage at 4435 Sunbeam Road adjacent to the U.S. Post Office between San Jose Blvd and Philips Hwy.

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