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Auto Repair Near Me – Who Can You Trust?

Does your auto repair shop or mechanic’s garage have your best interest at heart? It’s disheartening to have to question anyone who provides automotive service and examine whether or not they are performing the work correctly and charging a fair and honest price for the service. Every year thousands of consumers, whose vehicle factory warranty has expired, leave their respective authorized dealerships in search of better service, lower prices and what might be considered an ethical dilemma. Most people question whether or not the factory dealerships that they purchased their cars from, have their best interests at heart and that they are in fact the best place to continue to get their automobile serviced. That perception is fostered by a number of factors including the way the dealership handled the purchase of the vehicle in the first place and the service these consumers experienced after the sale. Many Americans question the quality of service they receive at dealerships and that is the reason for the plethora of independent auto repair facilities doing business in every town and hamlet, ready to service your vehicle at a moment’s notice. Additionally, one has to ask the question where did all the mechanics come from filling those roles in all these independent automotive shops. The answer is, they too abandoned the dealerships for independent jobs without the corporate entanglements and politics associated with large dealership work. Many came to their new roles with a tremendous amount of factory trainings and system certifications that each new generation of manufactured automobiles require. Others got independent automotive certifications and trainings from organizations like the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence or ASE. These mechanics are some of the most-skilled and detailed mechanical hands that will ever perform work on an automotive vehicle. The best mechanics have a blended experience of independent and dealership work, combined with a training certification provided by an organization like ASE. Another litmus test to be performed on choosing the right independent automotive repair facility is, do the mechanics employed, have the training, skill, experience and equipment to diagnose and repair any problems your vehicle is experiencing. This is one of the most important factors one must consider when choosing an independent garage over a dealership. Additionally, has the repair facility been in business for any length of time and how long have the individual mechanics been employed there? If every time you go to your service garage you see new faces, it might be time to look for another repairfacility.

Why Should you Consider Muffler City Auto Repair as your Next Mechanic?

For almost 25 years, Muffler City Auto Repair has been providing automotive service for cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, commercial vehicles and RV’s. First as a specialized muffler and custom exhaust, design and installation shop, then as a full-service automotive repair facility for all foreign and domestic vehicles. Ron Evans owner/operator has expanded his service offerings to include repair and replacement on every vehicle system including ignition, steering, suspension, transmission, engine replacement, brakes, auto air conditioning, radiator, and electronic systems. Together with his ASE-certified Chief Mechanic, Scott Brown, they oversee one of Jacksonville’s most complete auto repair facilities.  If you are in need of routine preventative maintenance like oil changes, lubrication, brake service, tune-up, transmission or coolant system flushes or have a more serious problem they have the equipment, experience, skill and affordable pricing to solve your vehicles problems. Give us a call at 904-739-0091 or visit our automotive repair facility at 4435 Sunbeam road adjacent to the USPost Office. We are conveniently located between Philips Hwy (US1) and San Jose blvd (SR 13). Open Monday thru Friday 8am-6pm.

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