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Has this ever happened to you? You are driving along, maybe the first really warm day of spring and you go to switch on your car’s air conditioning to get cooled off and poof, no cold air. Bummer. What could be worse than a car who’s auto ac is on the brink and you happen to live in Florida where summer seems to be coming earlier and earlier each year. Besides warm air blowing across your cabin you are now faced with a couple of dilemmas as to what has gone wrong? How much will it cost and who is going to fix the problem honestly and at a fair price? The inconvenience of it all and especially the part about how much is this going to cost me now, for I might need a freon charge or maybe the whole system needs replacing. Finding a good auto ac repair facility may not be as easy as it sounds even though almost everyone today has a vehicle equipped with an auto air conditioning system but not all garages have the experience and equipment to handle repairing and servicing automotive air conditioners. Some repair facilities deal exclusively in auto ac repairs in Jacksonville, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to trust just one shop to all your automotive needs, whatever they are.

Let’s give you a little background on air conditioners, how we got here in the first place and the changes that are taking place in the auto air conditioning industry today. First, Willis Carrier is responsible for inventing the air conditioner and Packard Motor Company was the first to introduce it to the automotive industry. A lot has changed since the days of the original refrigerant, R-12 first developed in 1935. In fact, because of the environmental concerns with freon use and the damage it has caused to the ozone layer in our atmosphere, replacement sources have been sought after for many years. A refrigerant whose properties when released into the air doesn’t cause any damage, an environmentally responsible step we should all be concerned about. Enter R-1234yf refrigerant developed by DuPont and Honeywell. This new coolant product has what is called a GWP (global warning property) rating of 1, compared to its predecessor R-134a carrying a GWP rating of 1430. Scary. General Motors announced in 2010 that all its model vehicles beginning in 2013 would be using this new refrigerant product and system in its vehicles. Due to the EPA’s scheduling guidelines, all automotive manufacturers selling cars in the U.S. must have their vehicles converted over to the new air conditioning systems by 2021. So how will this affect older cars still using the old, less environmentally friendly refrigerant products? Good Question. According to Ron Evans, owner/operator of Muffler City Auto Repair, the R-134a refrigerant will remain in production but become lower in volume sales according to demand and more expensive to replace. The auto ac systems using this refrigerant can be retrofitted to the new R-1234yf system but at an expensive cost. Ron has purchased the new technology, a machine approved by the EPA for servicing these newer automotive ac systems and has trained and re-certified his mechanics on its use.

Auto Air Conditioning Service and Repair 

There are a few pro’s and con’s working with and servicing of the new R-1234yf systems including a reconstructed auto air conditioning unit that is designed to operate very efficiently, with low coolant leak potential but costly if replacement parts are needed, and of course, these parts have to meet EPA standards. For technicians like the ASE Certified Mechanics employed at Muffler City Auto Repair, these R-1234yf systems are very sensitive and the training standards are rigorous in servicing this new equipment. The use of understanding the refrigerant standards and the maintenance intervals needed to properly maintain the systems performance and integrity is an integral part of this new process. For instance, according to Ron, the new a/c system has a service interval of 3 years or 60,000 miles. The R-1234yf requires the use of special oil and other coolants cannot be mixed. R-1234yf is very corrosive so only specific lubricants are able to properly protect the system. Advanced training is required for technicians to service these coolant systems and damage can occur if a technician is not properly performing to all specifications and standards. Dyes currently being used in older systems is highly discouraged in the new systems. And most importantly, most cars of today have become highly advanced, computerized products that need well-trained technicians working on them. Enter Muffler City Auto Repair. Don’t let the name fool you. We have the training, knowledge, and experience to properly troubleshoot, diagnose and repair and service any automotive ac system, even the newest R-1134yf. Give us a call today at 904-739-0091 0r visit us at 4435 Sunbeam Road adjacent to the U.S. Post Office.

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