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Muffler City celebrates 25 years!

Muffler City Auto Repair is proud to celebrate our 25th year in business! Ron Evans opened the doors to our local auto repair shop at 4435 Sunbeam Road in 1995 and is still running operations daily. We have had the privilege to service our Jacksonville community for 25 years. Over these many years, we have…

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Muffler Shop Gift Certificate

Every family has a family member that can be hard to buy a gift for. Every family also has a member that wants or needs service that Muffler City Auto Repair can provide. We have gift certificates ready for any of your gift giving needs. Has your son or brother talked about changing or upgrading…

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Best Sound in Town

Navigating a digital world of marketing is hard. That is the truth. Everyone, competitor and customer alike are on the world wide web in some capacity. Think about how many searches you make a day. More than likely, this is a google search. Have you ever noticed when you pull up the SERP(search engine result…

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Why Schedule Brake Maintenance?

brake failure

Let’s talk about your vehicle’s brakes. Yes, it’s a lackluster topic but brakes are essential to safe driving. Think about it. How many stop signs and red lights are on your daily commute?  Do you drive frequently in stop and go traffic? Driving in Jacksonville, stop and go traffic is unavoidable. Unfortunately, brakes do not…

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Automobile Repair Financing

It is hard to find an auto repair shop that offers financing like Muffler City Auto Repair. We recently upgraded our system to offer our customers the best financing on the market. It is quick and easy to process with no paperwork required. Customers answer simple questions privately and receive approval with little to no…

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Muffler City Auto Repair

Muffler City Auto Repair opened in October 1995. Beginning as Muffler City & Brake, we still do business with this original title. A number of years ago, we changed the business name to Muffler City Auto Repair to better reflect our full service capabilities. We can service any vehicle repairs or maintenance as well as…

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Auto Repair Near Me

One of the most important issues to many consumers today is having a trustworthy and competent auto repair mechanics close to home or work. Many times, this is difficult to accomplish because so many auto repair garages don’t invest in having certified and specialized technicians with the training and experience to work on a full…

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Jacksonville Custom Exhaust Specialists

Florida legislation governing Exhaust Systems Florida passed a Florida Motor Vehicle Noise Prevention and Environment Control Act in 1974, legislation intent on creating limits to the amount of noise motor vehicles could emanate. That same year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created noise standards for all newly manufactured automobiles, and truck manufacturers attempting to reduce…

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Full-Service Automotive Garage

If you are tired of having your car serviced at different automotive businesses; one for oil changes, one for tire rotation, one for brakes, one for exhaust and mufflers issues, and another one for general repairs when something goes wrong? You need to consider a few options for choosing the right business to replace all…

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