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All of us are consumers, you have to be skeptical of the products and services most automotive shops and factory dealerships offer. Have you ever gone into a quick fix lube shop, one of those shops owned by a “Big Box” company employing minimum wage mechanics and after getting your oil changed told you to spend an additional $75 dollars and have your cabin air filter replaced? Chances are you have even if the filter is clean and free of dust or noticeable dirt clogging up the screen. You have to ask yourself what constitutes a filter that is in need of changing other than an employee whose paycheck is predicated on services he sells and add-on’s, even if the product or service is without need? What about having a dead battery that will not take a charge and having your friendly dealership charge you $150 to diagnose that a new battery is needed. How about all of those factory dealerships whose service assistants or service managers are actually paid on the number of products sold, services rendered and any additional offers made by the assistants that the customer actually has performed. Are you being asked to buy or turndown services your vehicle might not actually need, at the time they are offered just to increase profits at the dealership? How greedy has the American public gotten, or even big industry gotten when people you supposedly trust become so predatorial that you become the victim. So, the question for almost everyone who has not found that mechanic or automotive garage that puts honesty and integrity before profits are, who can you trust if you can’t trust companies that you have spent thousands of dollars with to provide you with honest service and employees free of integrity issue? When anyone buys a product or service, they ask themselves two (2) questions. Did I buy the right product or service and did I pay more than I should have for it? In the case of finding the right mechanic or automotive facility to perform scheduled maintenance and necessary repairs the question really becomes. Do they have my best interest at heart and only perform the services that need to be performed? Do they have the training and expertise to perform these services correctly and are they charging a fair and honest price for the work they complete? If you are questioning any of these qualities in your current automotive garage or mechanical facility in Jacksonville then you need to give Muffler City Auto Repair a call.

Is Your Wife or Partner Safe at Your Auto Repair Shop

We asked Ron Evans, founder, owner and operator of Muffler City Auto Repair that question. What makes some mechanics and automotive garage shop owners honest and others not? Ron suggests two things. 1. How those individuals were brought up and the family environment they came from. 2. Their business experience of working for different managers and owners and how those individuals operate their own automotive business. Chances are if you have experienced mechanics and employees that worked, for any length of time with unscrupulous people, they might have learned some bad habits of stretching the truth and taking advantage of an unsuspecting person. It is such a shame that automotive industry has come such a long way with technical advances in systems and components to be compromised by shady and dishonest characters who should not be in business, but in jail.  If you don’t have honesty and integrity, what do you have, what is your purpose for being in the service business, asks Ron. Muffler City Auto Repair is a full-service automotive repair facility for both domestic and foreign cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, commercial vehicles and RV’s. They pride themselves on the long list of customers who have been loyal to them for years for all their vehicle repairs and preventative maintenance services. From both male and female customers, to families who are now on their 3rd generation of children getting their cars serviced by Ron Evans and his chief mechanic Scott Brown. Together they have forged out a repair facility on Sunbeam Road in Jacksonville Florida equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and staffed by highly skilled and trained ASE Certified Mechanics performing work on every automotive system. From transmissions and brakes to engine rebuilding and fabricating and installing custom exhaust systems, Muffler City Auto Repair is clearly an honest and reliable one-stop automotive garage for the entire family. Give them a call at 904-739-0091 for an appointment or ask for advice on what might be ailing your vehicle. Muffler City Auto Repair is located at 4435 Sunbeam Road between Philips Hwy (US1) and San Jose Blvd (St. Rd. 13)

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