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With almost everything becoming technical these days it’s no wonder that today’s home auto mechanic is almost a thing of the past. Sure, there are still mechanically skilled individuals that are working on their own cars repairing brakes, reassembling engines and doing simple maintenance on their vehicles but with the technological advancements being added to automobiles, one has to have an array of sophisticated electronic and diagnostic equipment to work on cars of the 21st Century. Specialization and computer technology has really made some advancements and found their place in the automotive industry. Most automotive systems today, from the auto air conditioning unit, fuel emissions and electronic ignition systems to tire pressures and even automatic transmissions have been revolutionized by computers. Cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, RV’s and commercial vehicles all have been equipped with sensors, chips, control cards, mother boards and even some vehicles equipped with hard drives, all having an automotive function to help vehicles get better mileage, have fewer carbon emissions, running more efficiently and have a virtual shelf-life like never before. But what’s true about almost anything mechanical especially anything that utilizes an internal combustion source, these products have extreme loads put upon them in the natural course of running. One of the most attractive features of an electric engine besides being ecologically friendly is that the drive or mechanical product is electronic and friction and heat are the only major by-product of moving parts associated with these types of engines.

Will Technology Replace Even Your Auto Mechanic?

There is some speculation that, in the years to come, maybe even sooner, the traditional auto mechanic who troubleshoots what’s ailing your car and makes the necessary repairs will become as obsolete as the blacksmith. For auto repair shop owners like Muffler City Auto Repair’s Ron Evans “this too is only a speculation that our auto industry will change so much that what we consider an auto mechanic today, will look completely different sometime in the future due to technology. I feel, as vehicles change, so too will the skills needed to repair, replace and maintain these products of the future. I also believe that ASE certified service mechanics like myself and my chief mechanic Scott Brown will always have a trade because not everyone will be driving an electric car in the near future. Americans, especially here in the south and in rural areas love their gas guzzling, internal combustion engine vehicles. We love to drive them, fix them, customize them and show them off. If 20 years from now the majority of cars on the road are electronic they are still going to need service due to wear and tear and the after-warrantee service industry will just have to adapt to whatever technological changes have taken place”.

Why Choose Muffler City Auto Repair

With so many auto repair garages to choose from these days, the average consumer needing repairs or preventative maintenance must separate the amateurs from the professionals. That sometimes is hard to do with all the hype and advertising dollars spent to get your business. There is an easy way to make the right decision and choose the right auto mechanic specially trained to service your vehicles needs. First, review the auto repair facilities website to see if they specialize in any one service or can diagnose and fix any problem your vehicle might be experiencing. Second, see if the garage employs ASE Certified Mechanics that have been specifically trained to work on your car, truck, pick-up truck, RV or commercial vehicle. Third, read the reviews posted to the website or search engine by actual customers who have had work performed by these mechanics and see what is being said about their performance. Forth, and probably the most important feature one must consider when choosing the right mechanic and auto repair facility is, are they multi-trained and experienced to work on all types of foreign and domestic manufacturers and do they have the diagnostic equipment to identify the work needed to be performed.

Muffler City Auto Repair is an automotive repair facility of unequaled quality and service. Ron Evans owner/operator together with his chief mechanic Scott Brown have assembled a team of qualified expert mechanics and custom exhaust technicians capable of repairing and servicing any problem your vehicle is experiencing. With over 350 factory certifications, Muffler City Auto Repair is much more than just a custom exhaust and muffler shop. They are professional mechanics ready to face any automotive challenge and are up to the task of becoming your one-stop-shop for all your preventative and automotive needs. Give them a call at 904-739-0091 for a free estimate or consultation. Review our website for a complete list of automotive specials and services. Located on Sunbeam Road half-way between Philips Hwy and San Jose Blvd.

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