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10 Things You Should Know about Your Mechanic

Many people have asked what the most significant factors are, when choosing a mechanic or auto repair garage. Some think it is convenience sought because of location, others believe it is about price and how much things cost to repair, replace and maintain. Still others believe that their best chance for good, honest mechanical success is to find a mechanic who they think is good and stick with them through thick and thin. Many newer model owners rely on factory mechanics with what they believe to be the most up to date training, due to the never-ending changes brought about with every new car generation. But how many of us have had countless garage shops work on our cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, RV’s, vintage autos, vehicles both foreign and domestic by many different shops and mechanics over the course of our automotive lives. Is the reason why we changed shops because the cars weren’t serviced properly or the mechanic themselves change auto repair shops and that makes us change shops every so often. Or do the repair shops themselves only last so long? As generations of owners fade away, does their loyal customer base fade also? What is it that makes us suspect that the work done on our vehicles could be performed better by different hands? Probably it’s a combination of all those factors that makes us seek out new auto repair businesses every so often and really never get comfortable with only one over the long haul.

Muffler City Auto Repair is a unique repair facility in that they have built their business on one success after another. First as a custom exhaust and muffler repair and replacement shop, then as they acquired experienced and qualified mechanics, as a full service automotive repair facility.

The 10 most important factors to consider when choosing an auto repair facility.

  1. How well do they communicate when a customer seeks advice or an appointment for service? Do they professionally answer the phone, respond quickly to emails, promptly keep to their hours of operation? Do they make themselves available for questions and are they experienced and can answer even tough questions about your vehicles performance issues?
  2. How well do they keep their promises about servicing your vehicle in a timely manner?
  3. How busy are they on the average day with different types of repairs, different types of cars or vehicles in general?
  4. Is there someone in charge, someone responsible on hand to answer questions or handle any issues that might come up regarding your vehicles service?
  5. What type of automotive certifications do the mechanics hold such as ASE certified training, or any manufacturers training certificates?
  6. Do any of the mechanics specialize in specific tasks such as a rear-end specialist, auto air conditioning expert, custom exhaust and manifold technician, brakes, rotors and drums specialist or even an engine change-out expert?
  7. Some auto repair shops only perform certain automotive repairs and don’t have the experience and means to fix any issue your vehicle might be experiencing. Many are “Big Box” shops that hire unskilled, minimum hour employees who do not possess the experience to do anything more than the business model would suggest. I.E. oil changes, brake shops, muffler or transmissions only shops.
  8. Does the auto garage have a website that exhibits all of the services it provides and the credentials its mechanics possess?
  9. What do any of the patrons in the waiting room, on-line or customers using their services say about the quality of work performed, price they paid and the experience they have had with the service business? And last but not least…..
  10. Does the service garage have a customer satisfaction pledge or service guarantee for the work performed and stand by any issues that might arise after the job has been performed?

Need a Qualified Mechanic to Service your Vehicle?

Muffler City Auto Repair is a one-stop-shop for automotive repairs, replacement and preventative maintenance. Our team of certified mechanics have over 50 years of automotive experience for both foreign and domestic vehicles. We are ASE certified and hold over 350 factory certified training’s covering everything from auto air conditioners, brakes, coolant systems, transmissions, engine rebuilding and replacement, suspension and wheel, muffler and exhaust systems including custom exhaust manufacturing to preventative maintenance on all types of vehicles including: cars, trucks, light commercial trucks and vans, pick-up trucks, RV’s and vintage and high-performance vehicles, foreign and domestic. Give Ron Evans owner/operator or his chief mechanic, Scott Brown a call for an appointment or advice on how to solve your vehicles performance issues. They will be glad to help you as they have helps 1000’s of customers over their 20 years of service in the same location. Call 904-739-0091 for an appointment or stop by our conveniently located shop at 4435 Sunbeam Road. Visit our website at for a complete list of our services, hours of operation and specials.

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